The Stitching Mistake of ALL Stitching Mistakes

I am NOT impressed right now. I resurrected the Vintage Colt (which I started well over a year ago). I haven’t worked on it since probably last July. I kept making small mistakes and having to pull stitches and redo. I kept walking away from it for weeks at a time. This most recent time it was obviously months.

So when I finally finished the birth announcement, I figured ‘why not give it another go?’ and so I picked it up again. I had left off at the start of a new page and this time, it was incredibly easy and everything went amazingly smooth – until I finished all the black stitching on said page. I noticed that the new page’s stitching didn’t line up with what had previous been done!


Initially, I thought it might be a mistake in the pattern. I checked. Nope. The pages line up perfectly. So I started looking for the mistake thinking it was something I had done recently. Nope. Everything I have stitched in the past week is perfectly A-OK. I moved on to what I had stitched previously. And I found it. I stitched THREE EXTRA ROWS of black in the previous page of the pattern. And I ask myself “how did that even happen?!”  I am so incredibly angry at myself for this. This just proves that when I started this it was way more than I could handle. The worst part of the whole thing is that I can’t just pull stitches and fix it. I would have to pull the stitches for over two thirds of what I have stitched already. This project has become a complete write-off. I am really upset.

Maybe one day I will consider starting it over again but right now, I just want to toss it in the trash. Frustration and anger seem to be the order of the day today.


3 thoughts on “The Stitching Mistake of ALL Stitching Mistakes

  1. Could you just triple the row you made the mistake on and continue the pattern after that? I’ve had to double does a free times because I made a mistake that has to be integrated instead of removed. It usually ends up working out okay. But I totally understand your frustration. It’s like all that progress was just useless. Good luck. Maybe a new project is just what you need

    1. I thought of that, but that still involves pulling the stitches for over half of the section I just finished. I’m not sure if I am ready to undertake that just yet. I think it will be a new project for now.

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