Pansies… In A Tea Mug!

I posted recently about my first pot of pansies sprouting. Well, I have more! I also planted some pansies in an old chipped tea mug of mine. They were planted around the same time as my first pot of pansies, but for some reason they took A LOT longer to sprout. It may have taken weeks, but they finally have. And not only is there just one, but there are TWO little seedlings in my tea mug!

Second Pot (Teacup) of Pansies

I am debating on keeping one of my pots of pansies indoors this year, just because I think they are pretty and would do my apartment justice. After all, I have been trying to figure out what kind of greenery to put in my bedroom to spruce it up some. Let’s see what Jay thinks… 😉

We pulled out the bistro set for the balcony this past weekend and also set up our new bird feeder. The furniture just needs to be cleaned up and it’s ready for use. We can’t be sure if the bird feeder is successful yet or not as it has been raining almost continuously since Sunday. I am looking forward to some sun so we can see if the birds like our feeder or not! Feels like Spring is finally here though – we have graduated from snow to rain!


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