The Vintage Colt Returns – To Stay This Time

Over the weekend (as mentioned in my April Totally Useless Stitch-A-Long post) I was able to get the stitches pulled on the Vintage Colt project and get started on the stitching to salvage it. I have been able to fit in the three extra rows of stitching required to line everything up. The far edge of it is looking a little funny to me now with the minor changes I have had to make to be able get this project to a point where I can finish it.

Funny Edge

I am sure it is just a matter again of some minor modifications to make it look right again. I’m not worried as the simple fact that I don’t have to start this one again from scratch has given me new motivation to power through the patch. It will be no time at all before I am moving on to a new page of the pattern. I will be very happy when I can do that. I think it is going to feel a bit like a fresh start!


2 thoughts on “The Vintage Colt Returns – To Stay This Time

  1. Once you’ve got more of it stitched I think the awkward section will blend in. Glad you’re looking this one back up!

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