Hooray for Mug Cozies!!

A friend of mine is super awesome and made me a gift recently. How cool is that?! Funny enough, I was actually more acting as a guinea pig so she could try out and perfect a new pattern. But who wouldn’t be willing to reap the benefits of that, am I right? I was allowed to see pictures throughout the process of her making them and I am sure you will like them as much as I do.

My super awesome gift was this set of crochet tea mug cozies and I love them! I think they are really cute and I couldn’t wait to put them to use. Of course, I already have.

Mug Cozies - the full set

She chose some pretty awesome colours too and they are right up my alley.

Mug Cozies close up

These are going to be available for purchase via said friend’s Facebook page “Crochet by Ashley” (www.facebook.com/crochetbyashleyt). If you love them as much as I do, you will be able to get your very own! Be sure to check out her page – she has lots of other cool and cute items available!


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