Progress and Some Changes on the Balcony

It is now the middle of June and the garden seems to be coming along nicely (finally!). I think I have finally gotten everything sorted out in regards to the parsley versus sage dilemma I mentioned in my previous garden update. I have now shifted labels and replanted the sage. Though oddly enough, I don’t think the parsley looks very much like parsley now! Time will tell. I have been lucky enough the past few weeks to not have had much trouble from the squirrels. After they dug up the romaine the first time (and I salvaged it), they haven’t really made much of an appearance since, much to my relief. It always seems though that one issue is overcome and another crops up! The new issue I am now dealing with is my fat cat Tobi eating all of my lettuce shoots! It started with the romaine which she managed to steal one or two of, and has continued on to the buttercrunch. At this point we are trying to train her not to eat it. I sure hope we are successful!

Moving on to progress being seen in the garden… First of all, everything is growing and looking great for the most part. The chives look a little bit straggly but they are still growing well. I am very happy with this year’s results to date, and have photos to show this as you all may have come to expect.

Lemon basil – along with what may possibly be some more parsley.
Parsley – or what I think may be parsley?
Straggly-looking chives
Teeny tiny oregano
Green onions
Romaine lettuce
Buttercrunch lettuce

(Note: since the photo of the buttercrunch lettuce was taken, Tobi has eaten 2 of the 3 sprouts pictured)

My tea mug pansy is doing just phenomenally. I think it my have been one of my best garden ideas to date! It is growing like a weed (almost) and will look awesome when it blooms later this season!

Tea Mug Pansies
Tea Mug Pansies

There have been a few changes to the garden since the last update. Nothing huge, but enough to take note of! First, I transplanted the buttercrunch lettuce. It is the same pot, but it is now full of dirt. The half-filled pot was driving me crazy! It will be a little easier on me now, and unfortunately also easier for Tobi to get to. But I guess we all have to make a sacrifice here and there. Next – we have our tomato plant now! It is of the beefsteak variety this year. I have had it for a couple of weeks and again – growing phenomenally! Jay will be very happy when it starts producing fruit!

Tomato Plant
Beefsteak Tomato

Third, I have set the romaine lettuce up on a small stand. Mainly in hopes that it will deter the squirrels somewhat. So far it is working, and I kind of like the looks of it too!

Garden Overview 2
New lettuce set up

The last couple of changes I made are in regards to planting. I added some more seeds to the pot of chives in hopes of them filling out some more. And last but not least, I have planted some more flowers! There are now several more pots of pansies (for the eating!) and a pot or two of a nifty-looking flower called black eye penny. Hopefully all goes well and I will have lots of blooms later on in the season. I also am hoping I am not getting too ambitious here with my humble balcony garden…

That’s about all there is for the update but I did want to share a photo of this year’s main setup. It is getting a little rickety now, but it is still working just fine for this year!

Garden Overview
The 2013 set up

Until next time, Cheers!


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