A Most Frustrating Development

As you well know, I have been questioning my “parsley” since it first sprouted. It just didn’t look right. Well, we now know what it is and much to my dismay…

A very frustrated gardener!

It’s stinging nettle! I figured this out by finally touching it. Bad idea. My fingers were stinging for hours after!

I don’t have a clue how stinging nettle found its way into my garden as there were actually several of them. There were some in the parsley pot, some in the basil pot and some in with two of the boxes of onions. I am unsure if it had something to do with the dirt I ended up using this year or if the seeds simply just blew in somehow. I am not ruling out the possibility of it being the dirt as I have used several different kinds this year – starting with some mid-range quality and moving on to some really cheap stuff and finally splurging a bit and buying some good stuff. I am wondering if it is a possibilty that there may have been some weeds tucked in with either the mid-range or the cheap dirt. I know it has nothing to do with the good stuff as the nettle was growing well before I bought the last bag of pricier dirt. I think this may warrant a little bit of research on my part. It will be a topic for a future post I think.

In short though, I don’t have any parsley yet at all. This makes me a little sad as it was one of my herbs I was most looking forward to. I shall try replanting it this week and hope for some real results in the near future. I do hope I have parsley before the end of the season!


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