A New Finish and the French Knot Conquered!

I set a goal for myself to finish my second wonder bookmark this weekend.

Mission Accomplished.

It looks absolutely amazing. I am very happy with the end result. The colours really pop on the black fabric just as I hoped they would. I now have a bookmark for me, made by me that reflects me and one of my favourite stories.

Wonder Bookmark - Round 2
Wonder Bookmark – Round 2

I ended up making a couple more modifications to the colours I used, specifically for the pawn. I didn’t think it really worked having the pawn the same colour as the rabbit. I think I made the right decision with the last-minute colour change.

Another major change to this bookmark compared to the first one I stitched is I did ALL of the french knots. French knots have been the bane of my stitching existence. I have struggled with them since I was a beginner stitcher. I watched tutorial after tutorial and had instructional photos from all over and yet I still couldn’t seem to get them right, no matter how hard I tried.

The French Knot (Source: http://handembroidery.ning.com/)

On the first wonder bookmark I only did the french knots that were 100% required – specifically on the clock face and the eyes on the flowers.  It has been well over a year since I have even attempted a french knot so I thought it would give it a try this time around.

The funniest part of all this to me is that over that year of avoiding french knots at all costs, I actually completely forgot how to make one. So there I was googling tutorials just like when I had first learned them and failed at them. I felt like I was getting off to a GREAT start.

The wonder bookmark pattern calls for a total of twenty-four french knots.  The first time I stitched it I managed a grand total of seven of them, and poorly at that. This second bookmark boasts ALL TWENTY-FOUR, and as far as I can tell only three or four of them are really terrible. The good ones far outnumber the bad ones. I was very proud of my french knots, and this now has me wishing I had tried a little harder and tried to finish all of them on the first bookmark. I think they really complete the bookmark. I guess all it really takes is enough practice to finally get them right! Now I just need to not forget how… I think after finishing this bookmark today though I will no longer be avoiding patterns that call for french knots. Who knew today would be a day for such an accomplishment! I just may actually look for a pattern with french knots to stitch up soon!


One thought on “A New Finish and the French Knot Conquered!

  1. Love this bookmark so much! And it’s fabulous that you’ve conquered the french knot. Whenever I think I’ve done it I always manage to screw it up again. Can’t wait to see what other french-knot patterns you do 🙂

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