The “Fruits” of Lessons Learned

So I was looking back on some photos of the garden in 2012, seeing how things were going this year compared to last year. Let me tell you, some of the lessons I learn from last year’s garden are really showing this year!

If you recall, I wrote a post at the end of last season detailing those lessons I learned last year and how I was going to fix them this year. If you don’t happen to remember, you can refresh your memory here.

The most remarkable change from last year to this year is in my tomato. Last year it was a straggly, stunted little thing that somehow managed to bear some small fruit – thought they never ripened as they succumbed to blossom drop rot and pretty much rotted right off the vine before they could. Jay referred to this jokingly as “tomato osteoporosis” but it was really more appropriate than you could imagine. The blossom drop rot happened because the plant couldn’t absorb enough calcium mainly as a result of my having absolutely NO concept of how much water my tomato plant actually needed.

Tomato - 2012
Tomato – 2012
Tomato Plant
Tomato – 2013

Fast foward to this year: My tomato plant is growing SO well. It is nice and full-looking and has tons of blossoms to turn into fruit. And the main reason for this year’s success?? It’s getting enough water!! The tomato is easily twice the size if not larger than last year and I am quite pleased that all it took was more water. I haven’t even fertilized it yet! Very much looking forward to seeing some fruit on this one!

In other news, the tea mug pansies are blooming! Two months earlier than last year. Awesome!

Tea Mug Pansies
First pansy blooms of the 2013 season!

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