A Sold Out Show – Eight Years Later

On Monday night, one of the local movie theatres had a showing of the cult favourite Serenity.

Serenity came back to the big screen on this night as a result of a campaign where the theatre company had people vote on movies they wanted to see back in theatres again. As a result, what they call the “Most Wanted Mondays” series was born, and Serenity became a part of it.

I had the privilege of going as Jay told me about it that morning. Serenity is one of my favourite movies and it was not even questioned that I needed to go. I am SO glad I did!


For those who are unfamiliar, Serenity is a movie based on the ill-fated television show Firefly that was aired on Fox in 2002-2003. It was created by Joss Whedon and was generally classified as a “space-western” of sorts. The characters were amazing. It only ran for fourteen episodes before Fox cancelled it, much to the outrage of its (already huge) fan following. The movie was the mainly the result of lobbying by fans, and of course a very willing cast.

Monday night I was lucky enough to have a friend give me a ride to the mall where the theatre was located. I was there super early for the show, so we wandered about the mall for a little bit. I went into the theatre at about 6:15 picked up my popcorn and headed into the auditorium. For being 45 minutes before the show starting, I was kind of surprised to see people already in the theatre. I found an ideal seat and started the wait for the show to begin. About 25 minutes before it started, people just started pouring into the auditorium. It was so unexpected! And also very exciting.  I loved the fact that a movie that is 8 years old can still sell out a theatre!

It was a fun experience seeing Serenity on the big screen even though I have seen it so many times. I own the DVD and even so, I caught so many new things that I have missed every other time I have watched the film. I’m sure many of the other people there thought the same!


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