Summer is Ending and Fall Begins

I came to the realization recently that summer is truly coming to an end. You may ask what made me come to  this realization?  Well, let me tell you. I wake up in the mornings at 6:00am and it is STILL DARK. Not to mention the mornings are SO COLD! I have enjoyed waking up and seeing the sunrise each morning when I open my eyes all summer. It has saddened me quite a bit. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not hating on fall and winter at all. In fact, Fall is actually my favourite season. I was saddened by this realization because it means my season stuggles with my moods will begin soon.

Though I have no official diagnosis it is akin to (or may actually be) Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD (link). Starting about mid-fall, I get lethargic, feeling generally low and just downright miserable. It becomes a struggle every day to get up in the morning and go about my daily activities. I have tried many suggested remedies, but I have yet to find something that helps me. Mind you, I have a habit of not giving things enough of a chance to work. The main thing I haven’t tried is light therapy, but getting started with that is a bit on the pricy side. This has been a personal struggle for years and it feels like it gets worse each year.

If it wasn’t for Jay and my mom and my closest friends being so understanding and supportive I don’t know that I could handle the winter season as well as I have in the past. They are my rocks through this tough season. This year, it is even going so far as Jay helping me to figure out what things can be done to make me feel better and making things easier through the dark winter months. It even includes looking into that pricy light therapy more. We have come up with several new possibilities and I am willing to give them all a shot if it means a less depressing cold season this year. It seems there may be a serious lifestyle change in my future.

Although I know I have some struggles ahead of me this fall and winter, I am still looking forward to the crisp fall weather, the leaves turning bright beautiful colours, and even the first snowfall and mahor snowstorm. I am also looking forward to some wonderful evenings curled up with a cup of tea and a good book or some stitching. I’m hoping this year is even just a little bit easier than years past!


3 thoughts on “Summer is Ending and Fall Begins

  1. I have SAD and I know exactly how you feel. Light therapy is expensive but I actually got a travel Ott light (for cross stitching) for around $50 and I charge it at night and then turn it on while I get ready in the morning. It’s usually enough to get me going for the day 🙂

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