Much Too Long…

It’s been quite some time since I’ve written a post, and I figured it’s time. This month has been very busy and hectic as well as quite stressful. The month is coming to an end and I am hoping October takes some of this she’s and the other problems we have run into these past few weeks. In the meantime, I intend to re-cap October just to get back into the swing of things, starting from the beginning of the month.

The beginning of the month got off to a rather pleasant start with a day of gallivanting about London and area with the best on the first Sunday of the month. We visited a new open-air market called Ogilvies where we encountered some yummy breads, teas and other goodies.


From there we continued on to Picard’s Peanuts which is a bit of a local icon and do all sorts of yummy things with peanuts and chocolate.


After visiting these two delicious places I saw her new (last June) apartment for the first time, and we visited her community garden plot where we harvested some massive gourds.


We ended the day with a walk through the woodlot behind my apartment building taking photos as well as some tasty tea and good chat.


Each week Monday to Friday has been much of the same this month. Going to work, running errands and keeping the apartment in order. The excitement (if any) tends to happen on the weekends.

Holiday dinners are usually an occasion for relatively large family gatherings on my side of the family. (Canadian) Thanksgiving happened during the second week of October this year. These gatherings usually happen at my Grandma’s home as she loves to cook large meals. Jay was still away at work, so I spent the weekend at my mom and step dad’s house. It was a good weekend though I missed my kitties. Dinner wasn’t quite the same this year as it was smaller than it is most years. My aunt and two cousins as well as Jay weren’t in attendance. It was still a fun and joyful gathering as my Grandma (who was going through treatment for breast cancer) is now cancer free. Not to mention any family gathering where I can see and spend time with my Great-Grandmother is an excellent one in my books.


Jay arrived home again the Thursday following Thanksgiving. We didn’t do much but curl up at home until the weekend as I still had to finish out the work week. Then things started to get a bit busier. On Saturday of that weekend we focused on getting him settled back in at home, ran some errands that need running and the like. We curled up exhausted that evening with a football game and some pizza and chicken wings. On Sunday, we set to work on a large home project that has been an elephant in the room (at least for me). We cleaned out and organized the storage closet in our apartment. It took a good chunk of the morning and at the end of the process we ended up disposing of two full garbage bags of junk as well as several other containers of things that were no longer serving any purpose for us. There is so much more room in there now, and it is nice to have some shelf space in there again. No more just shoving things in there and praying it doesn’t come crashing down on our heads. Mission = successful.

As a reward for our hard work, in the morning we went for another walk through Springbank with lattes. This time though, we added some cookies to the mix as well. It was peaceful and enjoyable and it was some great quality catching up after two weeks apart.


Things weren’t really too bad at this point but his month, especially with it still being dark in the mornings when I leave for work, I have been struggling a lot more with a lot of negativity and generally low moods. I have been lacking motivation and energy to take enjoyment in much of anything, and unfortunately this has included blogging and stitching. I haven’t stitched a single stitch this month and thinking about it makes me feel even worse. I have been doing some things to help (or are supposed to help, according to some things I’ve read) but I haven’t seen a whole lot of improvement – these things being keeping up with taking my vitamins and supplements, more physical activity, and some dietary changes. When Jay came home, we ordered a Sunlight Jr. – a light therapy lamp designed for treatment of SAD. It arrived less than a week later on Wednesday and it’s quite a nifty looking thing, and very simply designed.  Basically it’s an obscenely bright light that you sit in front of that simulates sunlight. I have used it three times or so now, and I think I have noticed some minor changes in the form of slightly elevated mood though I am suffering from lack of sleep these days. Next, I hope the negative cloud that seems to be hanging over my head recently disappears…


A week ago Monday our sweet little grey cat Dizzy went to the vet for a dental procedure – a cleaning and possible tooth extractions. She has always had bad teeth. The procedure itself went well. Only one tooth ended up being pulled, and they sent her home with us that afternoon with painkillers that lasted until Saturday. Things were going relatively smoothly until Thursday evening when she stopped eating. We think she may have hurt her mouth while trying to eat her kibble. She stopped eating almost completely. We couldn’t get her to eat much of anything.


This was a huge concern for us as a cat’s metabolism does not handle not eating well at all.  We were quite worried and we ended up taking her to the vet again in Sunday. Good news is the vet seems to think things will be fine as she is healing well and acting like a healthy cat aside from the not eating. He gave her an appetite stimulant and sent us home with some food he was sure she would eat. At this point she has been eating, and we are hoping she continues to as the stimulant should be wearing off (lasts three days). Talk about stressful. We needed to take care of this ASAP as Jay was leaving again soon. I am hoping things continue as they are with Dizzy, because we have more issues to deal with with our fat cat.

My baby girl

Tobi went for her vet checkup and rabies vaccination on Friday. She is doing well aside from the vet suspecting she may be diabetic. We will have to have testing done and get a diagnosis in the near future. So not only am I worrying about Dizzy, I now have cause to worry about Tobi as well.

In light of all the happenings and how I have been feeling, while I haven’t been stitching, I have managed to continue to read. I don’t know exactly why I have been reading, but I think it may be a book’s ability to take me away from this reality and plant me in another where things are completely different. I have finished Jane Eyre and The Ocean At The End of the Lane this month. Both books were good in their own way. I have to admit my mind wasn’t really blown by Neil Gaiman’s new book as I had hoped I would be (based on reviews I read beforehand), but it was still a good read. I am currently reading Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood and The 158-Pound Marriage by John Irving. I’ve yet to form an opinion on these yet. I have a hold on The Book Thief by Markus Zusak at the library and am just waiting on it to come available. Last of the book excitement is the mass market paperback version of A Dance with Dragons releases this week which means after over a year of waiting my set will finally be complete (up to current release). There have been a few positive things at least.

A few plans were made in these past two weeks while Jay was home. The biggest being that for Christmas this year Jay and I are going to finish decorating the apartment rather than buying each other gifts. We have been living in our place for almost four years now and we still have some very bare walls. It just doesn’t feel finished. So the wheels were set in motion for this plan, and a list of things to do has been made starting from the entryway and working in. On Saturday, we actually scoped out some items for the entryway including a new mirror. I hope to start executing this plan once Jay is home again. I am excited to make home more homey.

Over the past month as well I have been doing a lot of thinking and made some decisions – especially in the past week. The main thing being that I need to put a lot more stock in my health than I do. I actually neglect it quite a bit. What all this thinking has come down to  is that I need to exercise more often, eat a bit less and focus a lot more on the positive things in life as I have been focusing way too much on the negative of late. I realized I need to incorporate workouts into my daily life. Let’s see if I can make this happen. I think I really need to.

Last but not least, if I can get to feeling more energetic in the near future, I hope to go out and do a proper photography outing and capture some of the vibrant fall colours. I am hoping there will be a blog post of this soon as well as about all the stitching projects that are floating around in my head.


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