Reflections on the Season

I’m sitting here tucked in on my ratty but cozy couch looking outside upon what has become a winter wonderland right outside my window. The Christmas tree is up and the lights are sparkling and all seems well with the world.

This past year has been a trying year in more ways than one. There have been financial woes, health problems, family emergencies… All of which we have gotten through little worse for wear. BUT good things have happened too: birthdays, family milestones and just love all around. The result of which is I think we are better people for it.

For a lot of this past year I lost sight of those little things that make life better. I was only focusing on the negative things we were dealing with. Over the last couple weeks it feels like I have come back into myself and my past optimism is returning. I’m remembering other things. Good things. Sure, life isn’t easy. It has its struggles, but we can’t focus on those all the time otherwise, what’s the point of life if not to enjoy the little things that make it worth living. In my case, things like:

1) my cats and their unconditional love
2) our family being there for us and vice versa
3) amazing friends who help me see the good when I seem to be missing it
4) nights in with Jay – relaxing, great food, great company, watching football or whatever
5) the little local events we attend together
6) my perfect little home – it may not be big or fancy, but I look forward to walking in the site at the end if each day
7) the city I live in – there is always something to do, and it’s kind of pretty too
8) my blog – even though it has kind of fallen to the wayside lately. That will be fixed and I hope to evolve the blog a bit this year.
9) I have my own little bit of nature in my backyard in the form of a woodlot – great for photos!
10) there is an end of sight to the current struggles! I just need to be patient.

I’ve learned over the past several weeks that there are much better things to be concerned with than worrying about the bad and not so good things that have happened, may happen or are happening. Why not think of the positive things? I have a few things I can think of this moment including the fact I am finally taking control of my health, and Jay is as well. There is also the fact that Jay is no longer working his “fly-in fly-out” job 13+ hours away, and will be home from here on out. And too, I have my best friend to remind me of all of this on the rough days as I do for her as well. 14 years will do that I guess!

As I continue to sit here and enjoy and appreciate the snow, our holiday decorations and our home. I know it had been a tough year, and a right holiday season as well. BUT I have my home, family and friends to make life great, and I know next year will be better than this one.

With that, I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy new year as well.


One thought on “Reflections on the Season

  1. I can’t tell if I haven’t read a post in a while because you haven’t posted or because I’ve been really lax about checking for new posts so I don’t want to say welcome back… but I missed hearing/reading you! And I have to say how much I love the new blog layout (I’ve been mostly reading on mobile devices so this is the first time I’ve seen it all together, awesome!)

    I’m glad your year is ending on a high note, hope that means good things for 2014 and I hope to see lots more posts in the future!

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