Some Additions to the Indoor Garden

I should have written about these ages ago but I didn’t. Back in early November I went over to the bestie’s place for a very awesome turkey dinner. When she brought me home that night, I also brought home a couple new green additions.

So I now own an African Violet:

African violet – the day after I brought it home

And a lemon tree (of all things!):

Lemon tree – the day after I brough it home

So that means I’ve had them for a couple months and even though I have put minimal care into them, they seem to be thriving. Check them out:

African Violet as of today – Jan 5, 2014
Lemon Tree as of Jan 5, 2014

I am interested to see where these little guys will go over the next few months.

The rest of my indoor garden is doing well considering how dry our apartment gets in winter.  Unfortunately this year our humidifier bit the dust. The parlor palm prefers a much more humid environment but we are doing what we can for it. The Irish Shamrock (a.k.a. Jerk Plant) is just… Jerk Plant. What can I say. Regardless, all are well as they can be, and I am really appreciating my indoor greenery during these very cold and blustery winter months.


2 thoughts on “Some Additions to the Indoor Garden

  1. P.S. I love the progress on the violet! Looks SO much better! And the lemon tree wouldn’t mind a touch of epsom salt.. Or however you are managing that routine.. I’m still determining what I’m going to do, but they are planted in organic compost and perlite with a bit of topsoil.

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