A Little Bit of Colour Around Here

A little while back I shared a post about two little green gifts from my bestie. I shared photos of when I first received them and then about two months later in the post. My African Violet went from just a few furry little leaves to a bunch of furry little leaves during that time.

I noticed last week that some buds had appeared and didn’t think much of it beyond “Oh, cool.”

I came home from work yesterday to this:


It’s so pretty! I love the little pink flowers! It looks like there are many more to come too.

It has been an exceptionally long winter, and I have appreciated having my little bits of greenery in the apartment through this long dreary season. I did not realize how much a few new blooms could brighten up the place. I hope it will continue to bloom for quite some time now. I think it is looking a bit too large for its tiny pot, so I’m thinking I may be repotting soon… Just as soon as I find the perfect pot for it.


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