Bird of Hope… Versions 1.0 & 2.0

This is a bit of an interesting situation I have gotten myself into with this seemingly simple project. It is small, yes but simple, not so much.


It is actually very close to being on par with the vintage colt in terms of difficulty. I made the mistake initially of trying to stitch it on black. Bad idea, especially since lighting is not exactly great in the apartment in winter. I’ve made a few mistakes. Not so many that I want to stop, but enough to significantly slow me down – which is a problem since it was supposed to be a Christmas gift! I’m taking a new approach to this one rather than giving up or getting angry over having to pull stitches over and over again. I decided this time I would start it over again on a different fabric and finish the original one in black at a much more leisurely pace. The new one is on a light blue fabric – 14ct vs 16ct and it is going much more smoothly. Hopefully it will continue to be such.


I think it is going to be beautiful when it is finished. Both of them will be for that matter. I can’t wait to gift it.


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