Self-Portrait-a-Month: February/March

Look at this… Projects already falling to the wayside. It’s not intentional, I promise. February was a busy and very hectic month and it was suddenly just gone. Things are back on track for the month of March, and hopefully things went be going off the rails again anytime soon.

On to the self-portrait-a-month project… I know I said I wouldn’t post the standard cell phone “selfies” you see everywhere – mostly because they turn out terribly whenever I try. For March though, I am posting one because, shockingly, it isn’t half bad!


I took this the Sunday morning just past before heading off to my Grandma’s 70th birthday gathering/dinner. (Awesome, right? And she is in remission from breast cancer too. She’s an amazing woman and I love her to death.) Anyway, this picture was well over an hour in the making… Blame it on having too much hair and forgetting how to put on makeup (because I wear it so infrequently).

For the first time in ages though, I am happy with how a “selfie” turned out. Maybe it’s a milestone in building up my confidence and self-esteem. I won’t argue!


One thought on “Self-Portrait-a-Month: February/March

  1. I wish i could get a picture of myself to turn out that well! I’m really not photogenic at all… but you look great!

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