A Garden Beginning and the Feeling of Spring

A few days ago it felt like spring properly arrived at our place. The week previous we went out and started getting some of the supplies we will need to get the garden going for the year. Now, all we really need is the soil to fill our pots. It is still quite chilly outside, much too chilly for planting outdoors just yet, but we were able to get a couple of things done inside. More specifically, our tomatoes were started.

It was decided after the tomato failures of the past two years that we would do things differently this year. In both 2012 and 2013 I purchased a seedling from a local garden center and planted it in the largest pot I own. Both years I ran into watering and drainage issues (though at opposite ends of the spectrum) and ended up killing off my tomatoes. Based on previous experiences, we decided for this year we would find a variety of tomato that is well-suited to our climate and growing in containers and start from seed. We also decided to make some drainage holes in the tomato pot to help with the drainage issues we have encountered in the past. To this end, some peat starter pots were purchased along with a couple small dishes for them to sit in.

The variety of tomato we chose is called “Sub Arctic Plenty” and is an early variety that was actually developed in Canada and for our climate here. It produces a small fruit, a bit larger than a cherry tomato. I have high hopes for it this year with the changes we have made.

On Monday after work I filled up three of our new little peat pots with soil and planted our tomato seeds. It was a great feeling to finally set planting in motion for this year. It was very satisfying. Last year at this time I already had everything planted and had seedlings showing their cute little leaves. I am getting a little antsy to start things growing this year, and the prolonged colder weather certainly hasn’t helped.

Tomatoes Planted - All in a Row
Tomatoes Planted – All in a Row

So I now have three little peat pots with tomato seeds in them on my living room windowsill and I am impatiently waiting for sprouts! I can’t wait to see them, and for the rest of the planting to begin.


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