Delightful Discoveries: The Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory

OK. We’re going way back here. Working on finally getting caught up. For my birthday at the end of February Jay took me to the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory. Let me tell you, it is a fantastic place. If you can get there, you need to go at least once. It was an amazing birthday gift, and a perfect destination for the day as it was still quite dreary, blustery and just plain cold.

We set out in the morning, treated ourselves to some yummy Denny’s coffee and arrived right around lunch time. The butterfly conservatory is such a bright and airy place. It was very welcome considering the winter weather. We purchased our admission in the gift shop and wandered about it for a little bit, the we wandered the lobby area a bit. There was a very pretty mural and some framed butterfly pieces that were very pleasant to look at. There was also a room with some nature photography on display. It was all very neat to see. After we had seen everything we could see around the lobby, we made our way to the cafe for lunch. I had a tasty hummus and veggie plate and Jay had a wrap and salad. It was all quite delicious. And the prices weren’t too extravagant either.

After lunch we wandered some galleries with various collections of butterflies and moths on display. They were very interesting – we learned to recognize the differences between butterflies and moths. Some of them are hard to tell apart! It was so neat to see these things when you don’t see them every day. Following this, we made our way into the conservatory area itself.

I was in awe. What a beautiful place. You walk in and it is this warm, bright tropical space with walking paths and benches and even a waterfall… It left me speechless. It was amazing. And on top of all that, butterflies everywhere!

Having a great time!

We wandered for a few hours and I took tons of photos. It was just a fantastic day all around. The only downside was that most of the photos taken weren’t nearly as good as I had hoped, but that’s okay. The photos took a backseat to the whole experience Jay created for me. It was probably the best birthday gift I have ever received.

Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory
It was a truly beautiful place.
Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory
I had a little hitchhiker for the first little bit of the visit to the Conservatory.
Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory
Most of the butterflies were colourful and generally gorgeous, just like this one.

The Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory is open year-round, and they have a website as well. Be sure to check it out here!


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