30 Before 30

In light of my approaching 29th birthday, I have noticed a few things cropping up around the internet that I hadn’t paid attention to previously. The most prominent of these has been “30 Before 30” lists, or lists very similar. These are obviously lists of things to do/accomplish before turning 30. Seeing these has inspired me to create my own.

I had created a list previous to this one, but it was a little too ambitious for me to accomplish in a year. So, I revised it a little bit, and what you will see is the final version. Over the next thirteen months, I will chronicle the process of accomplishing the things on this list. It should be fun!

I’ve split it up into different categories because I thought it would be cool, and because it made it more fun for me,: the geeky girl who loves lists. Anyways, here it is, in all of its categorized glory. (And yes, many of my plans from my “firsts and learning” post are incorporated in one way or another!)

1. Attend Forest City Comicon 2.0 (October 18, 2015)
2. Have a good old fashioned picnic.
3. Go on a hike.
4. Go to the beach for the day.

5. Stop using phone for blog photography.
6. Finish Vintage Colt WIP
7. Finish Bird of Hope WIP
8. Learn to crochet, start a blanket, arm covers for the couch.
9. Make/acquire art piece(s) for bedroom (even just updated photos).

10. Volunteer somewhere – either a one off event, or continuously.
11. Learn to drive standard.

12. Pay down at least $10K of my current debt.
13. Put some money away in savings.

14. Read all of the books I own that I haven’t read yet.
15. Take a creative writing course.
16. Read 2 non-fiction books.
17. Read 5 contemporary fiction books before I revisit the usual classics.
18. Learn at least one new thing every month.

[Health Nut]
19. Save up enough money to attend yoga weekly (projected start April 2, 2015, continue twice a month until then)
20. Lose 15lbs, keep it off.
21. Make walking a part of my daily routine.
22. Cook 10 new, healthy and interesting meals, integrate the best ones into regular meal rotation.

23. Try 3 local restaurants I’ve never tried before (don’t need to be fancy).
24. Bake a cheesecake.
25. Try 5 brand new foods.

26. Write a blog post a week.
27. Donate blood for the first time.
28. Go out for ice cream.
29. See 12 movies I have never seen before.
30. Buy my first board game, host a game night.

Feel free to tell me what you think in the comments!

Update: I’ve created a page here for tracking my overall progress. You can find it under the Hobbies & Projects link across the top of my page.


3 thoughts on “30 Before 30

  1. I have a very similar list! Although mine is 40 before 30. I have just under 3 years to complete mine 🙂 but if i don’t , i will just roll them into the 50 before 40 list 😛 will enjoy seeing updates on your list 😀

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