A New Name

I’ve been going on for ages about how big changes are coming for this blog and that it is to be totally revamped. If you have followed, you will have noticed some pretty significant theme, colour and layout changes which aren’t done yet. The biggest change I have wanted to carry out is changing the name of this blog as Pin Cushions and Reflection just doesn’t seem to fit anymore. This blog has evolved into so much more than a stitching blog for me, and hopefully for you as well. I am proud of what it has become and I have wanted to change its name to better show that and to better reflect the person I have become since I started this blog over three years ago.

For months I mulled over ideas for new names and never found the right one, until Tuesday afternoon when an idea hit me like a ton of bricks that I fell in love with instantly; a name that reflects some of the things I love most, as well as a sense of adventure and creativity.

Behold: A Mad Woman with A Box

It’s such a fun name. A play on a scene from my favourite show.

I’m in love with it, and feel like it has given this blog a new lease on life already. The last step in the process is to change the address. That change will be coming. My blog hasn’t disappeared if you try to visit the link you have bookmarked. It will still be here, just at the new address. If you have followed my blog the next post will be at the new address! I look forward to seeing you there very soon. I see great things in the future here!


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