Making Coffee A New Way

A few weeks ago our coffee maker died. Coffee is a staple in our household, whether it be regular, flavoured or decaf. We have it all the time and make it often. Our coffee maker was an essential appliance. We had a little 5-cup coffee maker for years that was perfect for the two of us. Recently, it just stopped working and it was quite gross: spewing old coffee everywhere. It was time to replace it. The problem was we just couldn’t find one to replace the old one that we were happy with. The result is we decided to go in a completely different direction.

We bought a coffee press.

The coffee press is a complete departure from the way we used to make coffee. It takes a little longer; there is almost an art to it and I love it. The presentation is so much better and I also think it tastes better.

Using the press for the first time. It was delicious!

We didn’t buy an especially fancy one, we bought one that was kind of middle-of-the-road as we were unsure if this was something we would stick with. At this point I am thinking we will be. It’s a simple press and it does its job beautifully.  We also have a bit more room on our already small and cluttered countertop. I think it’s win-win all around.


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