Learning to Crochet

On Valentine’s Day weekend I picked up the supplies necessary to begin my venture into crocheting. I bought a set of eight crochet hooks in the most common sizes and three skeins of yarn: two small and one larger. The smaller ones were black and multi-colour, and the larger one was a beautiful heather grey.


That very day I searched for crochet tutorials on YouTube and began to teach myself how to crochet. My good friend who was going to teach me was very helpful and provided links to some very high quality and effective how-to videos. I’m sure she would have been happy to teach me in person, but I got impatient and decided I would teach myself instead. So far so good though, I have to say!

It has been a lot of trial and error at this point, but I think I have successfully taught myself a few of the stitches. I’ve been able to complete a few very small projects using chain stitch, single crochet and slip stitch. The projects I have managed to complete so far are a very small dish cloth, and two cup sleeves like the cardboard ones you get from Starbucks.


I am pretty confident at this point in my ability to complete the stitches I’ve learned and have started learning half double crochet and started an even bigger and more fun project: a new place mat for my coffee table. I am using the beautiful and very soft heather grey yarn for it and so far I am loving how it is turning out, even though I am only about half-finished.

After that, I will keep learning more stitches! I also need to start thinking about my 30 Before 30 blanket. The large skein of yarn I purchased included a really appealing blanket pattern on the inside of the paper band. I think it might be the one I use. I’m looking forward to the day I start my blanket. I love blankets. They’re so cozy. As always, I will continue to post periodic updates on my learn and progress.


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