A Birthday Fangirl Moment

I’ve been 29 for almost a month now, and my birthday this year just keeps on giving. Around two years ago I wrote a blog post about some very specific things on my Doctor Who wish list. You can read it here. A few weeks after my birthday something showed up on my desk:


We found a single TARDIS teapot in our wanderings around the local downtown shops. Little did we know that it would be the only one we would encounter; possibly ever again. We originally saw the teapots on ThinkGeek, and recently we discovered that they were no longer available. Jay remembered that we saw one at a downtown shop called Über Cool Stuff. He went out and got it for me so I didn’t lose a chance of actually getting one. I’m super happy that I finally have a TARDIS teapot! I love it. I really love it. It looks as though it has always belonged on my bookshelf. I love that it goes with my coffee mug! My bookshelf is now complete. 🙂



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