Interesting Stuff on the Interwebs

I spend a lot of time on the internet in my down time; probably more than I should. I browse a lot of different sites thanks to my Facebook news feed and my Twitter feed. Sometimes I find the most interesting things simply by googling a topic. The things I find affect me in a number of different ways. They can have deeper inner meaning, make me laugh, teach me something , or even make me think more critically about something I hadn’t thought much about before. My life is often enriched by it. Usually the things that stick with me are pretty eclectic, just like the collection I’m sharing in this post. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

I receive a daily email from I receive links to articles and short stories written by people from all walks of life and all levels of experience each morning in my inbox. These pieces range from funny to a little geeky, to being strong critiques and discussions about current events or cultural issues. It has become an interesting way to end my morning commute and settle in to work at my desk. One of the articles I read recently stuck with me a little longer than most. “What China Gets Right About Relationships” got me thinking about the significant differences between cultures in general, not just the differences between Western and Chinese cultural concepts surrounding relationships. It was a very interesting article to read, and though I read it weeks ago, it still provokes new though about cultural differences as I go about my daily life.

Sometimes we need a good laugh or even just a chuckle. Oft times Bustle helps me to achieve this. Bustle is one of the sites I go to when I don’t feel like thinking and need to be entertained, usually while I am waiting for something. Recently I came across “15 Anna Kendrick Twitter Reactions to Pop Culture Events that are So Relatable It Hurts” and it entertained me thoroughly. I remember seeing Anna Kendrick for the first time in a supporting role in Twilight. She has come a long way since then. This article just showed that she is human and is managing to keep both feet on the ground even though her career has been taking off. I have to admit I like her. She was hilarious in Pitch Perfect, a guilty pleasure of mine. And I respect her. I respect her mostly because she can make me laugh.

There are odd times when we come across something in our movements through day-to-day life that will make us think “Yup, that’s me. I do that.” It has been happening to me a lot more recently. This has been a tough time for me as I have spent the better part of the past year coming to terms with a lot of things, accepting certain facts about myself and learning to live while recognizing that these things about myself affect everything and everyone else around me. “10 Signs Fear is Running Your Life and How to Get Back on Track” was one of those things for me. It really resonated with me. Fear does run my life, and it’s not a rational fear. It never is. I struggle with depression and anxiety on a daily basis, and fear is a part of my life as a result. It isn’t fun. Some days are easier than others; much easier now that the days are getting longer again. This article hit home when I read it and it has inspired me to work harder to get closer to and eventually back on the path I want to be on.

I had no idea “The Dragon Riders of Pern” had been optioned for the big screen. I read a few of the books as a teen, and I remember enjoying them. I forgot about their existence until I read this article. It makes me want to add some Anne McCaffrey to my reading list again. She was my first foray into fantasy years ago, it’s neat that her work is making a comeback in a new way.

There was a milestone anniversary that took place on the March 26th. Doctor Who has been on the air again for ten years. 2005 certainly doesn’t feel like it was ten years ago. Whovians and others involved with the show celebrated in their own special ways, and it made for some fun reading. I came across a link to the actors, writers and others involved with Doctor Who wishing the show a happy birthday from Radio Times. It was a fun and sentimental article. Something anyone familiar with Doctor Who Should check out, even if you don’t consider yourself a Whovian.

It is apparent that I look at  a lot of different things from day to day. It has become even more clear to me. I think I need to compile this stuff more often because I think it could make for some interesting conversations both with friends and on the blog. It already has me formulating some new thoughts for the future.


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