Thoughts on Planning This Year’s Garden

It’s getting kind of late to start thinking about planning my garden, I realize. Realistically there isn’t much to plan. It will be much the same as it was last year, except this year it will hopefully make it through the entire season on the balcony. It was disappointing to have to pull it up and move everything across the city last July. The plants that moved didn’t survive.

This year I will be growing the same herbs as last year, as well as the same lettuce and veggies. I will be trying a different tomato again this year; a tomato designed to grow well in a container. A new packet of green onion seeds will be purchased in the very near future . I purchased a new greenhouse garden shelf for this year as the old one was falling apart. It just needs to be assembled.

The planting will get underway once all of my pots are back home. They are still being stored at our friends’ place where we moved them for the duration of the disaster that was the renovation of our building last year. After that, we will just need to take our balcony furniture out of storage. The good news is it is FINALLY starting to feel like spring! It has gotten off to a very late start this year. It will feel good to get everything started. To think, two years ago it was 20+ degrees outside and I already had sprouts to tend to.


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