An Attempt at a Writing Course

During the month of April I attempted my first writing course. It is one of the goals I want to carry out for my 30 Before 30 list, and the opportunity for one that was free and online came to my attention so I jumped at it. Funny enough, it was a course hosted through WordPress’ The Daily Post. It was part of the “Blogging U” segment called “Writing 101”. It ran from April 6, 2015 to May 1, 2015. Each day there was a new prompt  on the community site and emailed to all participants. The idea was to write a blog post using the prompt and share it with your peers on the community site and get feedback on your writing from them. Publishing and sharing your work, however, was not a requirement for this course. I was never brave enough to share my work. I did well enough in keeping up with the posts for the first couple of weeks; writing but not sharing with the community. I struggled to keep it going though.

The prompts were interesting and fun to work with but I found that there wasn’t enough with the course to keep me accountable. Yes, there were prompts daily, but there were no goals, no due dates, nothing to keep me motivated. I missed prompts on many days. It didn’t help that the prompts were delivered in UTC time, so I would get them the night before just as I was going to bed and I’d forget about them by the next day. I learned that I need a lot more structure. I find that I thrive much more in a classroom-type atmosphere. I do better with structure. Concrete assignments, due dates and a proper forum if it’s an online course are what work for me. Things that will keep me motivated to continue on. A course in my time zone may help the cause as well.

So attempt one was not a success. I have not given up though. I am currently searching for a course that is a better fit for me, whether it be online or otherwise. I am looking into something through Coursera, and if not, I will continue my search. I would like to avoid paying for the course as I don’t have much in terms of disposable income. It’s something I will complete before I am 30, I just need to find the right course format. Onward and upward!


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