The Early Bird

wpid-wp-1434291640912.jpegOn Saturday Grandma and I had another outing. This time it was my treat. We made plans weeks ago to get together and have a trip to the city’s core using public transit. Grandma had never been on a bus in Canada before yesterday and she is all for having new experiences! She had many yesterday, including going into her first comic book shop. She thoroughly enjoyed the day, just as I did.

We took the opportunity to try another new restaurant. This time we went to The Early Bird. It is a diner located here in London that was featured on The Food Network, and has quite a reputation in the city. I have heard more than once that if you’re visiting London, you have to go there at least once. I have lived in this city for five years, and on Saturday I ate at The Early Bird for the first time.

The décor is fun, and could be described as a bit “hipsterish”. There are old records on the walls, Elvis busts, movie and concert posters, and other random items including some bird cages. The walls are turquoise and pink, the bench seats are sparkly white vinyl and the chairs are zebra print. You wouldn’t think it would work, but somehow it does, and it makes for a cozy atmosphere.wpid-wp-1434291572705.jpeg And the food…the food I just fantastic. It’s diner food with a super delicious twist. I now understand why they say if you come to London you need to eat at The Early Bird at least once!

Their menu has a great selection but it isn’t too big, which helps with the already difficult decision of what to order.

After much deliberation, I finally settled on the Turducken Deli Club. It is a clubhouse sandwich with shaved turkey breast, breaded chicken breast, duck bacon, arugula, and maple mayo…maybe some other things but I can’t remember. It is one of their signature dishes. Grandma decided to have a little breakfast for lunch and ordered the french toast. It included three slices of french toast, and lots of fruit and berries piled on top. Our server took our orders in a timely manner, and was very personable considering the place very busy. Our drinks arrived quickly, and our food came to our table in a reasonable amount of time as well. I couldn’t believe what I saw when our food arrived at the table.wpid-wp-1434291640913.jpeg

The sandwich was MASSIVE! And delicious, I might add! I ate the whole thing, even though it seemed like a daunting task at first glance. Grandma’s french toast was a giant serving as well. Three slices as thick as my sandwich bread. I think it was the same bread with berries and fruit piled high on top of it all. Grandma was in shock at the amount of food on her plate. She enjoyed as much of it as she could. We were both stuffed, like we were after The Byron Freehouse, by the time we finished eating. It was excellent, and I will be returning.

The rest of the outing consisted of walking through the Covent Garden Market, wandering around the Dundas Street festival, and a bit of window shopping along Richmond Row. We managed to kill about five hours by the time we made it back to my apartment. It was a really great day. A great day that included trying a new restaurant AND a new food!


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