A Garden is a Work of Art in Progress…

I got the garden planted a few weeks ago, and did it ever feel good. Now, I have little seedlings everywhere and it’s shaping up to be a good year for the garden. wpid-wp-1435440989392.jpgEverything is looking great, and I am looking forward to eating all the goodies it will have to offer as the season progresses. In fact, I’ve already enjoyed some of the spoils!! Just last week I made a salad that included chives, rosemary and marigolds from my garden. It was the prettiest, most colourful salad I had ever seen or eaten. I look forward to the next one, hopefully with my lettuce as well.

I have planted a few new things this year and decided to forego some others. Jay and I sat down to discuss it, and ultimately we decided we wouldn’t try to grow another tomato this year. After three years of failures, I decided that I needed a break. Maybe after a year off, I will feel ready to tackle the container tomato challenge once more. Instead of the tomato, there are w few new additions to the herbs I am growing. They are thyme, rosemary, marigolds, and some begonias. We bought the rosemary as a seedling from a gardeners’ event at the London Civic Garden Complex in early May, I think it was. The thyme, we purchased as seeds, and we bought the marigolds at the greenhouse on a whim. I potted the begonias myself at a tenant event here at home. I’m very happy with the new additions so far.

This year the complete garden consists of two planters of green onion, thyme, oregano, basil, chives, sage, rosemary, parsley, two pots of butter crunch lettuce, a pot of romaine lettuce, a planter of Swiss giant pansies and black-eyed pennies, a planter of marigolds, and a pot of multicoloured begonias. The only things not edible are the begonias and black-eyed pennies. It may not be a super colourful garden, but it’s mine and it makes my balcony an enjoyable place to spend my time.

I just hope the garden will continue to do well. All weekend we had obscene amounts of rain and a few of the plants looked like they were drowning. My fingers are crossed.


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