Geeking Out About Dice

I have recently come into possession of the most beautiful dice I have ever seen. I love them, and I can’t seem to stop looking at them. I haven’t been able to play with them yet but I am impatiently waiting. An added perk is they match my Dragon Shields!

My New Chessex Cirrus dice.

They are a set of 36 12mm six-sided dice in aqua and white with silver markings for the numbers, called pips. I love the colour of the dice, and I love the white swirls. The silver pips are pretty great too. I think it is a perfect combination. I could look at them and play with them for hours and never get sick of  them. The other great thing about these dice is the bag I store them in, which was a bit of an unexpected but totally awesome purchase.

The dice are from a company called Chessex, a leader in making dice for gaming. They have many designs, and it’s hard to choose just one set. I was torn between two when I bought these, though I don’t regret my decision one bit. Matching my Dragon Shields was definitely a factor in the decision-making process though.

wpid-img_20150705_180623-01.jpegThe dice bag is Doctor Who themed, the exploding TARDIS to be exact. It’s a perfect match to the scarf I received for my birthday and fits in quite nicely with my ever-growing collection of Doctor Who memorabilia. It’s a rather small thing to get excited over, this dice bag and set of dice, but if we can’t get excited over the little things what is the point of getting excited over anything at all?

I am totally geeking out over these!



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