Yesterday was an amazing day. It happened so fast that it feels like it didn’t really happen. I have photos to prove that it happened, but it doesn’t feel like it was real. I spent the day in Toronto with a good friend who was kind of enough to be my ride there.

Yes. It happened. I MET FELICIA DAY. She had a book signing at the Indigo store in at the Toronto Eaton Centre for her new book: You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost).

I met my hero. And it was amazing. It will be hard to top this day.

Signing my book. She still personalized it, even though I didn’t have the sticky with my name on it I was supposed to have!
Making a joke that kind of fell flat… Neither of us could think of the word she was trying to come up with!
A hug and a pose with my newly signed book!

I spent most of the day fangirling and freaking out about the whole thing. We arrived in Toronto around noon, and I got myself into one of the earlier groups which was awesome. She talked to me, I talked to her, I hugged her… She was so nice and so down to earth… She’s so great. It was over way too fast. I still can’t believe it really happened!




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