Nerd Block!

This past weekend I subscribed to Nerd Block. I signed up for a 3-month subscription to try it out, as I have been seeing it all over the interwebs. Nerd Block is a monthly subscription box containing collectibles with various themes ranging from the classic Nerd Block: “comic con in a box”, to a gaming-themed box, and even one for kids. I subscribed to the Nerd Block Classic.

With your first subscription you automatically receive a free “Welcome Block.” I received mine on Tuesday. It was super exciting to find it sitting outside my door when I returned from grocery shopping that afternoon. I was very impressed with what I received in it, considering it was free. I received: a Groot magnet, a 10th Doctor vinyl figure, a joystick keychain, a nifty little clicky toy (which I wore as a bracelet and played with all day on Wednesday…), and another little packaged toy.  

 It has me even more excited for my first actual Nerd Block which ships later this month. I can’t wait! 


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