A Board Game Wish List

The more tabletop games I play, the more I enjoy them. I have discovered, especially recently, that board games are a great way to bring friends and family together and have tons of fun. Just last weekend I played Cards Against Humanity with my family (yes, my family!) and it was a great time; so much laughter and enjoyment. I can’t wait to play the next game with them. I’m also looking forward to my next Magic: The Gathering night!

This past week I’ve made up a bit of a board game wish list. I would love to hear your thoughts on these, as well as what board games you wish you could have!

  1. Firefly – just because I love the show…
  2. Monopoly – it’s a classic!
  3. Forbidden Island
  4. Concept
  5. Settlers of Catan
  6. Love Letter
  7. Concept
  8. Carcass one
  9. Splendour
  10. Tokaido



6 thoughts on “A Board Game Wish List

  1. You played Cards Against Humanity with family?? You’re braver than me! haha. Any awkward moments? 😛

    I really, really want to play Forbidden Island. Betrayal at House on the Hill is first on my list of games to play, with Pandemic coming soon after. Just a shame I have no one to play with 😦

    By the way, I feel like you would love Wil Wheaton’s Tabletop, if you don’t already. Look for it on youtube, it’s great! 🙂

    1. I’ve already watched many episodes! Tabletop is actually how I got into playing board games again. I own Forbidden Desert, basically the sequel to Forbidden Island and it is a blast to play. You should put that one on your list too! And my family is very open-minded and knows how to have fun. I wasn’t worried about playing Cards Against Humanity with them! 😀

  2. Board games are awsome! I would love to try forbidden desert, it is on my wish list. Also, if you haven’t already, try pandemic! It is a really great co-operative game.

  3. Love Forbidden Island, but we prefer Forbidden Desert.
    My wish list includes Dead of Winter, Mice and Mystics, Lanterns, the Africa board for Ticket to Ride, and basically all of the Catan expansions.

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