It was just a week this week aside from a milestone or two, but my weekend was quite pleasant and social. I think I am finally starting to get the hang of this whole being single and living alone thing! It hasn’t been easy, but I think I am finally starting to get it.

I mentioned a couple of milestones I accomplished. The first of these as that I have officially been discharged from my therapist. No more weekly appointments with my psychiatrist, because she thinks I’ve made enough progress that I can now tackle the world on my own. It’s quite a feeling, knowing that someone has the confidence in you that you don’t really have in yourself. In itself, it is quite a confidence-building experience. I’m very proud of myself, even though it was very hard to listen to her tell me all of the things she had noted that I have accomplished during our eighteen months working together. I had some tears in my eyes; I will admit. This week, the second milestone was that I finally wrote something. I WROTE SOMETHING. It was (only) a short piece of poetry, but I freaking WROTE SOMETHING. It makes me so happy. I’ve wanted to write something for so long and I have finally done it. It sure took me long enough! I’m not sure I feel comfortable enough to publish it here, but if you are interested in reading it, you are welcome to contact me be it via email, Facebook, Twitter or otherwise. There are many ways to contact me. I just can’t believe I have finally accomplished what I have wanted so badly. It made me a happy girl this week.

This weekend was a great weekend, very enjoyable. I spent Saturday afternoon with a dear friend gallivanting about the city and then just relaxing here at my place. We went for  fantastic lunch at the Covent Garden Market – fish and chips, and a pot of tea from The Tea Haus, which is a fantastic little local shop, by the way! I love it even more every time I go. We wandered about and visited a few different vendors before we visited Bijan’s, THE local art supply store. It has an amazing selection at very reasonable prices, and the owner is such a kind person who simply wants to make art supplies as accessible and as affordable as possible. After that we visited Michael’s, a craft store chain that seems to be pretty much everywhere, and then we went to Chapters to browse for books and colouring books, where I found the tiniest weird thing I found to be absolutely hilarious.

img_2267 We then we checked out Mary Maxim to see what they have for yarn selection. Jess found some skin toned yarn for a doll she plans to make, and I didn’t buy anything, because yarns stores are just dangerous. After we were done spending money we didn’t have, we headed back to my house where we just hung out and relaxed, while watching Jessica Jones on Netflix as she hasn’t seen it yet. I also did my laundry and a bit of cleaning while she was here, as she’s been in my life for so long I don’t feel the need to entertain her as a guest while she is here, which is great because otherwise nothing would have gotten done this weekend. I cooked dinner for us, and then she headed home later in the evening. img_2276I spent the rest of the evening colouring and watching Vikings while drinking a nice cuppa tea. I even had a random idea that I instantly fell in love with and decided to keep. It was the simplest thing, img_2281I just used one of my tea towels as a tablecloth of sorts on my night stand. It looks so great. It was a very good day.


I had plans for Sunday to go to some friends’ house for dinner. Ashley picked me up around 1:30 this afternoon, and we went and ran a bunch of errands before heading back to her house. We had a great visit and I got to spend tons of time with their baby girl, who is completely adorable, especially when she’s happy! img_2296And she was so happy today. We had a great meal, and some wine, and watched some Avengers while the kids played. I even got a few rows of my new scarf done, which is going to be gorgeous when it’s finally done. I left there with a full stomach, leftovers, and a few awesome little geeky items to add to my collection. A great way to wrap up a weekend!

After this week past, I am hopeful that the week to come will bring good things. I have no real plans yet, but I am optimistic that this week and the rest of this month, even this year will bring many great things for me. My, how my attitude has changed!

Lastly, I leave you with a photo of the scarf I am currently working on. I am SO in love with the yarn AND the pattern. I can’t wait to finish it!

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