Pet Peeves

Today’s prompt: What are your top three pet peeves?

It’s pretty difficult for me to come up with three pet peeves. I consider myself a pretty easygoing person generally. I guess I could try to come up with a few…

1. When I am doing dishes, I have to wash my dishes in a certain order. It’s an anxiety thing. First, I have to wash my cutlery, then plates smallest to largest, then bowls, glasses and mugs, containers, and then finally pots and pans. I wash them in the exact same order every single time. It drives me absolutely insane when someone, it doesn’t matter who, comes along and drops a dirty fork or spoon or glass into the sink when I’ve already moved past washing those items. Livid is how I feel when it happens. It makes want to knock some  heads together. I’m glad I don’t have that problem anymore…often…

2. I love Tobi to death, but sometimes she does things that drive me absolutely insane. My absolute favourite (insert sarcasm here) is when she wakes me up well over an hour before her actual breakfast time. The best part is she does this almost every single morning! Very rarely on weekends either she doesn’t bother me, or I manage to sleep through her attempts to get my attention. I need to come up with something to teach her to wait until my alarm goes off.

3. I’m not a particularly loud person, and my anxiety leads me to generally keeping my mouth shut when it comes to my opinions. So needless to say, when I do voice my opinion or speak up to say something feel is important, it is very upsetting to me to discover no one was listening to a word I said. When I put the effort into saying something that matters, I guess I expect the same effort to go into others listening to what I have to say. Maybe it’s too much to ask. I don’t know.

For all I consider myself an easygoing person, it seems I had no trouble coming up with three pet peeves, including a literal “pet” peeve… (Sorry, had to run with the pun there). I get frustrated just as much as anyone else. What are your pet peeves?


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