Feeling Strongly

I feel strongly about a lot of things these days. Over the past several months, I have been able to educate myself about a number of current social issues. It has been an eye-opening experience and it has helped me to develop some very well-informed opinions. I feel like I have become a better person as a result. 

I won’t go into detail because there are MANY issues that fall under this umbrella of social justice issues that I feel very strongly about. I could go on forever and probably start many arguments. I am slowly starting to get involved in the local community by attending events, thanks to a dear friend. In fact, I am attending a film screening of a documentary about disability and institutional thinking. I am looking forward to attending this event. It will be great to be surrounded by like-minded people, and I will be there as well to support said dear friend who is running the event. I am so proud of her!


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