Today’s Prompt (March 19, 2016): Write about five blessings in your life.

  1. Having a safe place to sleep and to come home to at the end of the day
    • I love my apartment. It’s small and cozy and perfect to Tobi and I. We are both safe and secure and happy here.
  2. Having family to support me
    • I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish the things I have, especially in the past eight months if it wasn’t for my family. They have come through and supported me when I needed it most time and again.
  3. My cat
    • My life would be so empty without her. Nothing more needs to be said.
  4. Friends
    • I may not have many friends, bur the friends I do have are amazing!
  5. A job where I’m happy
    • I was unhappy in my old job for a long time, and it is so refreshing to be at a job where I am happy, that also offers great perks and benefits as well.

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