A Day In the Life…

Today’s Prompt (March 22, 2016): Bullet point your whole day.

  • wake up to alarm, 6:20am
  • feed Tobi
  • back to bed until 7am
  • shower, dry hair, get dressed/ready for work
  • ride bus to work
  • grab breakfast smoothie on my way into building at work
  • ride elevator up to office, walk into office, say hi to coworker
  • arrive at desk, login on computer, start working
  • talk to manager, reschedule one on one goals talk to tomorrow
  • make arrangements with systems trainer for some training in the afternoon
  • make to do list for the day
  • turn on music, continue working
  • pick up salad for lunch, eat
  • relieve coworker at switchboard so he could go eat lunch
  • sign in to online web training
  • sit through 2-hour long training webinar
  • live system training on endorsements
  • sign off for the day
  • ride bus home
  • wash dishes, tidy apartment
  • eat dinner
  • watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • work on writing challenger (forgot to publish, clearly!)
  • feed Tobi
  • go to bed

It just so happened this day was a bit out of the ordinary. This isn’t a bad thing, of course! It was a good day overall.


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