Pisces…Does it Fit?

Today’s Prompt (March 24, 2016): Write about your zodiac and whether or not it fits you.

In case you didn’t know, what with my birthday being at the end of February, I am a Pisces. Common Pisces traits include being adaptable, having an easygoing and likeable manner, deep empathy, generosity, compassion, being intuitive, artistic and very caring. (Yes, I gleaned these from a quick Google search.) This list of common traits , in my opinion, fits me very well. It is quite accurate for the most part.  Over the past eight months especially, I think I have proven myself to be quite adaptable, having gone through a number of transitions in several areas of my life rather successfully. I like to think I am a pretty likeable person, even though I only have a small circle of friends. I know myself to be a caring person, and I tend to be generous when I can be. I have  tendency to go out of my way to help out those close to me. A deep empathy and intuitiveness are also included in this list, and I think I have these characteristics to some extent. One exception to this list is I’m not sure I’m easygoing. I don’t think my anxiety allows me to be. And so there you have it: with some (very) quick research, it seems I am almost a textbook Pisces!


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