5 Things That Make Me LOL

Today’s Prompt (April 4, 2016): Share 5 things that make you laugh out loud.

  1. Tobi’s antics… Her snores included!
  2. “bahbeesnakes” – This will forever make me laugh after this past weekend. I created a character in the mobile Nintendo game Miitomo, and my friend and I named it Babysnakes because I couldn’t think of a nickname that was only 10 characters or less… and “bahbeesnakes” is how my character in the game pronounces it!
  3. Funny gaming streams – I’m looking at you Ryon Day! You’re streams are always a great time.
  4. Cat games on my phone like Neko Atsume of Kleptocats – They’re so cute and ridiculous I can’t help but laugh!
  5. A handful of TV shows make me laugh out loud. An example would be The IT Crowd. I just love that type of comedy… Which I guess would be British comedy…

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