Improving Life

Today’s prompt (April 2, 2016): Write about an area of your life that you’d like to improve. 

There is one specific area where I’d really like to improve, and I’ve been working really hard at it over the last while. The good news is I am starting to notice some changes! The area I would like to improve is my health. This encompasses my overall health – physical and mental.

I’ve been working at improving my mental health via seeing a therapist, and learning how to take care of myself for well over the past year. It is an area of my life, however that always needs to be worked at, and worked at very hard indeed. As with most people, when I feel terrible, I work hard at doing the things that help me, but once I start to feel better I start to fall off the wagon again in terms of self care. This isn’t a great thing because self care is so important to maintenance of mental health. In my experience, this is something everyone can relate to in one way or another. So basically, in terms of my mental health I need to improve in keeping up with those things that make me feel better, and not stop when my head starts telling me I’m better and I can stop. They are SO important in STAYING better too.

In terms of my physical health, I really don’t have much to worry about outside of my weight. My blood pressure is perfect as is my cholesterol and other levels, except maybe my B12 and vitamin D: confirmed contributors to my mental health issues. I take supplements for those. I am though, admittedly not good at keeping up with regular physical activity at all. I have been working hard to try to remedy that. I tried the gym thing, even got a membership, but after four months or so of going and hating it with a passion, I decided to do away with that idea and nix the membership. I don’t regret it though because I learned a lot about how I feel about different types of exercise during those months, and I now know that working out at the gym just isn’t for me. I need and enjoy more organic types of exercise – like yoga or even running. So I am going to give that a go now, and I’ve been working on the yoga part so far. I have a few more things to get together before I try running. It’s definitely more enjoyable for me. I am much more motivated to do things if I don’t hate them. It’s still something that needs a lot of work though. My overall health is and will continue to be a constant work in progress.


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