Busy Busy Busy

I’ve had two great blog posts in the works for the past few weeks, but I just haven’t had a chance to put the time into them to really make them great. I’ve really been putting a lot into my posts recently and I’m really proud of them. I don’t want to publish something I don’t think is worthwhile. 

Anyway, to the reason WHY I haven’t had a chance to put the time into those posts I’d like to: homework! I am currently taking a class that is work-related, working toward my CIP (Chartered Insurance Professional) designation. While I’ve taken free online courses over the last couple of years, this course is the first course to come close to my single class workload from when I was in university! I have a three-hour virtual class to attend every week, two assignments to complete over the time I am in the course, I have to write a midterm and a final exam as well. Not only that, but my anal-retentiveness over having perfect notes still stands. I submitted my first assignment last weekend and received a perfect grade on it, and that has helped me get back into the saddle with studying. When my course began three weeks ago, I had no idea how things would go as I hadn’t been in a proper class setting for almost seven years! I’ve been stressed about it, but I’m ready to take this class by the horns now. My next assignment is due in a week and a half and I write my midterm at the beginning of June. The tricky part seems to be balancing working full time with the course load as well as still having a life. Tricky, but doable with effort. I debated taking two classes this term, but I am SO glad I didn’t. 

I guess, in essence, what I am saying is if I’m not working on homework for this course, I’m trying to relax a little bit with what little free time I have, or I am sleeping! Since this class started, I’ve taken two days off from it. I’ve done work on it every day aside from those two. I’m hoping over the next week I can put some more work into at least one of the posts I’ve been working on. I’m so excited for you all to see these blog posts I’ve had up my sleeve. 

Tobi has been a huge help with all the school work. I just thought I’d add…


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