Mothers’ Day

This is a particularly particular Mothers’ Day for me. No, I didn’t become a mom… That’s just not in the cards for me. I mean, sure, I’m a fur-mom, but I’ve been one for over a decade. I’m talking about in regards to MY mom. 

A lot, and I mean A LOT has happened over the past several months. I think, we are looking at 10.5 months… Oh hell, let’s just go with the past year. I went through a lot. I became single again, I had to get my financials sorted out, I was temporarily homeless, I had to move out completely on my own for the first time (in the past it’s always been sharing a place with a roommate or significant other), I had to find a new job because my job at the time wasn’t a) paying me enough or b) making me happy, and I grew a lot as a person. And you know who was there by my side for it all? MY MOM. 

She was there to move me and my things on the day I moved out of the apartment I shared with my ex, she was there when I talked to the bank to get everything sorted out financially, she helped me look for a new home, she looked after my cat while I was in between places, she gave a me a place to stay, she helped me look at potential new homes, and once I got a place, she helped me move in. She was a huge support in my job search, which successfully landed me a new job very quickly. A job where I am much happier. Without my mom, I couldn’t have done any of it. Without her total support, her encouraging words, none of it would have happened as quickly or as successfully as it did. Because of her support, I was in a position to be able to provide some similar support to my sister when she needed to move herself. And I don’t think Mom realizes how much that all means to me. 

So, Happy Mothers’ Day, Mom. And THANK YOU for being so supportive and for everything. Period. I love you. 


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