Happy Happy Happy

A beautiful thing happened the weekend before last. Something that has kept me waiting for quite some time. I know I have mentioned it a few times in the blog (mostly in passing), but I’ve never gone into too much detail… All because it came down to money, and I needed to save up enough to accomplish said beautiful thing. I am thankful to some awesome friends for helping me make this happen.

The time has come to share my new baby. I finally have my new computer! The best part was I came in under budget! WITH A VIDEO CARD UPGRADE!!!!!!!

The only things missing from it are a few files that I have backed up on an external drive and I’m not overly worried about those making it on. It would be a backup of a backup of a backup at that point, and that’s kind of redundant even for me. I have my first couple of games installed (World of Warcraft and Hearthstone) and am planning to install more soon. I can’t wait to really get things going! The fact that the gaming possibilities are almost endless now makes me SO happy. I’ve been nerding hard since I brought this big piece of joy home.

I started playing World of Warcraft again last week and started a new character on a new server. She made it to level 20 on Friday. I haven’t been able to play much since because of my class, but once that settles down I will be back at it! It will be a nice way to pass the time on the chilly winter nights.

I am so happy this has finally happened! I’ve been waiting for a long time.



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