September has turned out to be a very busy, very interesting month to say the least. A lot has been going on and a lot has happened, and I’ve been doing a bit of adjusting.

The biggest thing that has happened is I finally made the decision to speak to my doctor about medication for my depression. My doctor was very receptive and listened to my concerns and asked appropriate questions. He agreed that medication was a reasonable option, and I walked out of my appointment with a prescription he felt would be a good fit for me. I started the medication that very day and haven’t looked back. I started noticing improvements around the four-week mark, just as my doctor said I should. Here I am almost 6 weeks later, doing better and feeling better than I’ve felt in a very long time…

…Aside from my stupid foot! Earlier in the summer I did something to my foot and initially it was no big deal, but it progressively got worse (mostly because I kept walking and didn’t rest it; my fault, I know). Earlier this month I finally started taking it easy and lo and behold! It started feeling better! Then, just shy of two weeks ago, I had to run to catch a bus to make it to an appointment on time. As I was running (of course I was wearing flip flops), I felt a horrible twinge in that very same foot and it starting hurting again just as much, if not worse than before. I felt like I just couldn’t win! So, as it turns out I strained my foot. Bye bye flip flops for the rest of the season! It has been less than a week wearing my cute and comfy polka dot shoes and my foot is already feeling better. it is amazing how a minor change can manage that! Anyway, foot is officially on the mend and I will be walking 10,000 steps a day again in no time. That makes me very happy.

Unlike the close call I’ve had with Tobi this month! My poor sweet fat cat has had a rough go. Tobi started acting a bit unlike herself, agitated and such. She was also a lot less snuggly, but she was eating and drinking fine so I just kept an eye on her. THEN she had a couple accidents. It was time to go to the dreaded vet, as she NEVER does her business outside of her box, nor does she leave it uncovered. I knew something was up and had a pretty solid idea of what it was. It’s not a new issue for her. She needed or bum squeezed again (a.k.a. her anal glands expressed). Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like and it is exactly as gross, but it helps my baby. She went in two Saturdays ago, and I am SO thankful I talked a friend into coming with me. The tears started flowing as soon as I heard her start to cry. It had to have been painful. THEN the veterinarian came out and told me that when she expressed them, one of Tobi’s glands was about to rupture it was so full. It was a super close call. The vet put her on antibiotics to prevent infection, and a new food to help with the root of the issue. I felt so bad for her. It was a lot to go through. The good news is a week and a half later, she is back to her old self and is more snuggly and active than ever! I am hoping for no more close calls with her. I’ve had 8 great years with her and I want a MINIMUM of 8 more!

In other news, I started a bullet journal earlier this month and I freaking love it. Not only is it helping me keep better track of appointments and events, it is helping me to keep track of daily tasks, habits, and the nice little things that happen in a day that we often forget. It is also allowing me to get creative with decorating it! October is almost upon us, and I will be making a few tweaks for October that will hopefully help keep my reboot on track. It’s a small thing, but it has created a huge positive change for me. I like positive change.

I also started my second course for my CIP (Chartered Insurance Professional) designation. Let me tell you, this one just dove right in! There is a ton of material being covered, and I already have my hands full. I am pretty sure I will have to put in a lot more effort than I did for the last one. That’s okay though. It’s nice to sort of have that feeling of being in school and learning again. Especially that learning part…Even if it is the driest subject matter know to man… I kid, I kid. Or do I?

And guess what?! My new computer is close at hand! I had a small setback in timeframe due to Tobi’s impromptu almost emergency trip to the vet, but things are back on track again and I dont have to wait too much longer before I have the money available – probably only a month or so. It will be VERY exciting to have a computer I can play games on and use Photoshop and Office without it freezing on me every little while. Don’t get me wrong, my MacBook has served me well these past several years, but it has done its time. I am ready for a change (and a computer I can play World of Warcraft on again)!

Along with the resurrection of weekend MTG nights with Steph and reading more than I have in a long time, and weekly Alice visits, I have managed to keep incredibly busy. Super awesome nerd-friend-coworker is doing the CIP class with me, and I think it’s going to really help with motivation and keeping up my studies for this term’s class. Some apple-y goodness may also be in the near future now that autumn has arrived, and probably a trip to Sparta too. In all reality though, I am looking forward to the fall wind-down and some cozy nights in. I want to get back into blogging more regularly and I think that just might be the time to do it.


Autumn Crockpot Cooking


Look guys! I cooked today! It was a big cabbage roll casserole recipe, and it is delicious. I do love cabbage rolls… The prep was super fast, since I just had to chop and dump the ingredients into the crockpot and let it go. Six hours later, I had a satisfying comforting dinner on this chilly autumn day.  
I had enough left to freeze about 5 servings for another day, and for lunch tomorrow at work as well. I’m so proud. And I’m looking forward to some quick easy meals in the future thanks to what I was able to freeze. Go me! I think I’m getting used to this whole cooking for one thing…maybe.


Summer is Ending and Fall Begins

I came to the realization recently that summer is truly coming to an end. You may ask what made me come to  this realization?  Well, let me tell you. I wake up in the mornings at 6:00am and it is STILL DARK. Not to mention the mornings are SO COLD! I have enjoyed waking up and seeing the sunrise each morning when I open my eyes all summer. It has saddened me quite a bit. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not hating on fall and winter at all. In fact, Fall is actually my favourite season. I was saddened by this realization because it means my season stuggles with my moods will begin soon.

Though I have no official diagnosis it is akin to (or may actually be) Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD (link). Starting about mid-fall, I get lethargic, feeling generally low and just downright miserable. It becomes a struggle every day to get up in the morning and go about my daily activities. I have tried many suggested remedies, but I have yet to find something that helps me. Mind you, I have a habit of not giving things enough of a chance to work. The main thing I haven’t tried is light therapy, but getting started with that is a bit on the pricy side. This has been a personal struggle for years and it feels like it gets worse each year.

If it wasn’t for Jay and my mom and my closest friends being so understanding and supportive I don’t know that I could handle the winter season as well as I have in the past. They are my rocks through this tough season. This year, it is even going so far as Jay helping me to figure out what things can be done to make me feel better and making things easier through the dark winter months. It even includes looking into that pricy light therapy more. We have come up with several new possibilities and I am willing to give them all a shot if it means a less depressing cold season this year. It seems there may be a serious lifestyle change in my future.

Although I know I have some struggles ahead of me this fall and winter, I am still looking forward to the crisp fall weather, the leaves turning bright beautiful colours, and even the first snowfall and mahor snowstorm. I am also looking forward to some wonderful evenings curled up with a cup of tea and a good book or some stitching. I’m hoping this year is even just a little bit easier than years past!