A New Addition to the Family

It has been two weeks since I wrote about my frustrations over cat rescues and adoptions. It is truly amazing how much can change over two weeks!

Long story short, I have had my newly adopted cat, Huxley, for a week as of today. He has been such a joy. He is so handsome and chill and purry. He really is a great fit for my little household here. So far, it has also been the smoothest transition for a new cat I have ever seen! Tobi and Huxley have only swatted at each other once. It feels like he was truly meant to be a part of our family.


Huxley was the black cat I applied to adopt through A.R.F. Ontario after the adoption of the kittens from Toronto didn’t pan out. He was the one I had basically given  up on hearing back from the rescue because it had been over a week and I hadn’t even received an email confirming my application had been received even though I should have received it within 72 hours. On the day I finally gave up hope, a week ago Thursday, that was the day I finally received a phone call from the coordinator for the rescue. She left a message for me around midday that day, and I was unable to answer the phone because I was away from the office with my team visiting some of our brokers. I called her back as soon as I got home that night.

She apologized up and down for not getting in contact with me sooner. As it turns out, her entire adoption team was out sick with an illness in one form or another. She herself was dealing with the very same cold I am STILL dealing with. She conducted the phone interview with me on the spot, and told me at the end that she thought I would be a good fit for Schwarz (now Huxley). She sent my information to his foster mom who was in touch with me within a couple of hours to make arrangements to meet him on Sunday last week. I went prepared with my carrier and the adoption fee, and after I met him, we sealed the deal. I signed the contract and brought him home. He took to my bedroom for the most part, and was unsure of Tobi. Even with dealing with new surroundings and a new cat, he was lovey and purry and made himself at home under the bed to start with. As much as Tobi was unsure of him in the beginning as well, she has done wonderfully. She is acting exactly as she was before he arrived, if not even happier. I’m sure that even though they aren’t quite buddies yet, she is enjoying not being alone all day when I am at work.

A week later, Huxley is moving around the apartment with no issues. He seems to know its home! He is eating great, and found the litter box right away. He has even accepted me as his new human! We are working on cuddling and snuggling right now, but he is still more comfortable beside me than he is on me. Tobi took time to adopt her snuggly lap-cat ways as well after we moved here on our own. He is a wonderful boy and he is making us so happy. I am so glad that the coordinator at A.R.F. Ontario ended up getting in touch with me. Huxley has even met a few of my friends, and they fell in love with him too!

I love my new house panther!




So You Want to Win My Heart?

Today’s prompt: Five ways to win your heart.

Winning my heart can be easy or hard depending on how you approach it. The following list is all or nothing:

1. Liking similar things is helpful, or at least accepting me for the geeky person I am and respecting that these things I love will always be a part of my life.
2. Don’t try to change me. Like everyone else I have flaws and personal issues I have to deal with. Accept that those things are a part of me. Please please PLEASE don’t try to change them. They are a part of who I am. Also, do not tell me how to live my life, or who I can associate with.
3. Be understanding and supportive of my mental illness. It is a part of me that I don’t much like, and it is hard to deal with at times, especially on bad days. My anxiety and depression aren’t going anywhere, however unfortunate that clearly is.
4. Fall in love/become attached to my cat. Or at least make a concerted effort. We are a package deal.
5. My family is important to me. Do not disrespect them. Do not give me a hard time for wanting to spend time with them. They aren’t perfect. And no one is. But I love them and they are an important part of my life.

Pet Peeves

Today’s prompt: What are your top three pet peeves?

It’s pretty difficult for me to come up with three pet peeves. I consider myself a pretty easygoing person generally. I guess I could try to come up with a few…

1. When I am doing dishes, I have to wash my dishes in a certain order. It’s an anxiety thing. First, I have to wash my cutlery, then plates smallest to largest, then bowls, glasses and mugs, containers, and then finally pots and pans. I wash them in the exact same order every single time. It drives me absolutely insane when someone, it doesn’t matter who, comes along and drops a dirty fork or spoon or glass into the sink when I’ve already moved past washing those items. Livid is how I feel when it happens. It makes want to knock some  heads together. I’m glad I don’t have that problem anymore…often…

2. I love Tobi to death, but sometimes she does things that drive me absolutely insane. My absolute favourite (insert sarcasm here) is when she wakes me up well over an hour before her actual breakfast time. The best part is she does this almost every single morning! Very rarely on weekends either she doesn’t bother me, or I manage to sleep through her attempts to get my attention. I need to come up with something to teach her to wait until my alarm goes off.

3. I’m not a particularly loud person, and my anxiety leads me to generally keeping my mouth shut when it comes to my opinions. So needless to say, when I do voice my opinion or speak up to say something feel is important, it is very upsetting to me to discover no one was listening to a word I said. When I put the effort into saying something that matters, I guess I expect the same effort to go into others listening to what I have to say. Maybe it’s too much to ask. I don’t know.

For all I consider myself an easygoing person, it seems I had no trouble coming up with three pet peeves, including a literal “pet” peeve… (Sorry, had to run with the pun there). I get frustrated just as much as anyone else. What are your pet peeves?