An Eventful June 

June has been a busy month in the land of Lindsay. As a result I have been exhausted almost perpetually this month. Hoping for a relatively quiet July, and in turn time to recover. Time to recap the craziness! 

The beginning of June came with a midterm to study for and to write. I probably didn’t study as much as I could have, but I at least managed a 75% on the exam. I am okay with that. The quizzes for this class have continued to happen every week or so, and has kept me on my toes. My last class is tonight, and studying for the final exam commences tonight as well. 

Mid-June came with a big trip for my cousin’s wedding. The family came from far and wide and converged on Brandon, Manitoba for a long weekend. We flew out on Thursday, and returned Monday afternoon. Mom and I tried Airbnb for the first time, and it was a great experience. We saw family we haven’t seen in ages, and we had a fantastic time at the wedding. My cousin looked absolutely beautiful, and the wedding was a fun laid back affair. I was sorry to part with everyone again, but I was very happy to be home again Monday! I was also very thankful for my neighbour who acted as cat-sitter as well. The cats were much better for having someone able to look in on them twice a day! 

Traveling to and returning from Manitoba did a number on me. Luckily I haven’t gotten sick or anything, but I have been exhausted on a whole new level. No amount of sleep has had me feeling rested until today finally. This past weekend I took a few extra naps totalling 5.5 hours of extra sleep. I guess I needed it! 

This past Sunday night brought the Eagles of Death Metal concert at London Music Hall. I took a friend for her birthday. It was a super great time, even though I was crazy tired to begin with and even more so after… I did sleep well that night. A deep and satisfying sleep, even if it was short. It was one of the best shows I have been to in a very long time. Maybe I will get lucky and catch another great show sooner rather than later. 

Well, I’m broke now too, so the excitement has to slow down regardless. Time to rest!


Keeping Busy with an Eventful Week

Well, I have to say it has been a somewhat eventful week. I am in a bit better place this week, as I spent some time with my therapist developing a self-care plan that has made the difference. I haven’t been able to stick to it 100%, but I have stuck to it enough to feel like I’m not losing my mind, or losing everything, for that matter. I still have concerns, but I’m okay right now. Onto that eventful week…

So, on the 1st, I went to see the CP Rail Holiday Train. It was a lot of fun, and the crowd is just positive and happy and it just all around feels good. My dear friend Alice met me there, even though she was feeling somewhat ill. She brought something I practically begged her to pick up for me. She’s the best. For those of you who must know, it was the Magic: The Gathering Gift Box. Boy, did I get surprise when I opened it!

This card is worth approximately $90!!!!!!

It’s a mythic rare land card. I posted a photo of it on Instagram, and the artist who created the art for the card HIMSELF congratulated me! How cool is that?! It’s been placed in a Dragon Shield now, and I will probably never play with it. It’s something of a novelty now.

On Thursday the 3rd, in keeping with my 30 before 30 list goals, as well as the sense of mastery that comes from volunteering (as discussed with my therapist) I donated blood for the first time. I did it through a Canadian Blood Services donation clinic that took place at a church nearby my home. I had no idea what to expect, but I was determined to do it. All of the people there were very kind and it was overall a very positive experience. I will definitely be doing it again. IMG_1756I have veins that are deep and small as well, and the nurse who set me up managed it in one try. Considering the size of the needle I was very impressed. The whole process from beginning to end took about an hour, but the actual donating only took about 10 minutes. I had no idea it would be that fast! Next time, I should have my donor card and the process should be quicker. I am excited to do it again. It felt great to know that I could potentially help so many people with this single donation.

This past week has overall been positive, but also exhausting. I hope to be in an even better place next week.