Superhero Weekend 2017

This past weekend was what I like to call “Superhero Weekend.” Not only does the latest big superhero movie usually open on this weekend every year, but it is also Free Comic Book Day on Saturday. Hooray for the first weekend in May being so awesome! And now, to chronicle it: 

It all started on Friday night after work, from which Jen (super awesome nerd-friend!) and I left a bit earlier than usual. We went to pick up her daughter and another friend before we picked her husband up from work and headed off to dinner. 

We had dinner at Under the Volcano, a local Mexican restaurant that makes some pretty delicious food. Because we had the movie to make, we called ahead and had a table reserved for us so we could get in and out quickly, which we did. Service was excellent, and the server was even jealous of what were up to that night. 

From Under the Volcano we headed straight to the theatre for our opening night viewing of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. We settled into our comfy reclining seats with our awesome movie theatre popcorn and drinks, for the one of the most anticipated movies this year. 

The movie was fantastic. Very enjoyable, especially with Baby Groot stealing the show! I won’t go into detail, because spoilers. 


The next day was Free Comic Book Day, however, the weather was less than ideal, and Jen’s husband was unwell. Nevertheless, we three women took on The day ourselves. We did get off to a late start, but that was okay. We did things backwards from what we normally do and it worked in our favour. We avoided a few lines in Old East at Neo Tokyo and The Comic Collector, and stood in a shorter line at Worlds Away – we were in line for a half hour tops. Things went rather smoothly. 

Just as we were about to get into Worlds Away, my dad called, and we ended up meeting for lunch once we were done at the shop. Jen and Jose took the opportunity to go home and check in there to make sure all was well. 

We met back up downtown, where I got a “Joker” frappucino while I waited for them to join me in line at Heroes. It was delicious, and I hadn’t been in line long before they found me! The dreary weather worked in our favour again here, in the longest line also. Short wait times were the only reason I think we were able to complete the whole Comic Book Crossover! After finishing at Heroes (where I won a prize!), we made our way down the street to visit a friend at Über Cool Stuff and then around the corner and down the street to LA Mood. There was no lineup here, so we were in and out quickly, and were able to make our way to the last stop: the library. 

Unfortunately, we missed all of the activities at the library, but we were able to get our final stamps and submit our ballot for the prize draw. From there, we made a quick pit stop for a fun purchase and headed home. Despite the weather, it made for an excellent day. 

Hooray for Superhero Weekend  2017!


Free Comic Book Day 2015

Saturday was Free Comic Book Day. Jay and I got up bright and early to join in the festivities. Below is a collection of photos from the day. Forgive the poor quality as they were taken with our phones.

In line bright and early!
Waiting with my Tim Horton’s coffee in hand.
Entry into the shop is in sight; the beginning of the sales!
This is what we have after only two shops!
The Dalek returns!
Storm trooper.
Second stop: LA Mood
In the line at stop 5: The Comic Book Collector
London’s very own Batmobile. Along with my usual mode of transportation, and our mode of choice for the day.
Finally inside The Comic Book Collector!
Last stop: Neo Tokyo
Very talented local artist.
The day’s haul! I’d call it a success!
Our haul even included some temporary tattoos!

We made excellent time and we were home by 2pm, even after waiting in all of the lines. It was truly a great day and I can’t wait for its return next year!

Free Comic Book Day 2013

Yesterday was Free Comic Book Day. For those of you who don’t know what free comic book day is, Free Comic Book Day is a day (the first Saturday in May every year) when participating comic book shops across North America and around the world give away comic books free to anyone who comes into their stores. This was my first year participating, and boy, was it a lot of fun! Though there were long lineups and a pretty painful sunburn as a result of my participation, it was an experience well worth having.

Let Free Comic Book Day begin!

Six of the city’s most popular comic book shops participated as well as the central branch of the London Public Library. We managed to make it to every location! This was only possible because we left the apartment to start our day by 9:30 that morning. The lineups were as long as two and a half hours at some of the shops! The lineups were by no means boring though. There was no end to people dressed up as super heroes and other characters (from Star Wars, and even some video games), and other cool stuff happening. We even saw a replica of the Batmobile! In line at one shop, we were even treated to some musical entertainment. There was plenty of things to do in the lines including meeting new like-minded people.

First shop of the day!
Inside the first shop of the day
Lineup at shop number 2
The Line up at the Second Shop
Some entertainment while in line at one of the shops..
Some musical entertainment while waiting in line at one of the shops

We were home by 4:00 that afternoon and we quite satisfied with the results of our day.

Free Comic Book Day goodies!
The haul: 26 comic books, 2 manga, 1 graphic novel, 2 pins, a bunch of coupons and awesomeness!

Not to mention we were exhausted and sunburned. We are still feeling those sunburns today, but we are also enjoying our Free Comic Book Day goodies!