On More Cats and (Still) Being Sick

It has been a bit of a roller coaster over the past couple of weeks, both in regard to my health and my emotions.

I have been struggling with this nasty lingering cold for the past month. Last week, I thought I’d kicked it, but nope. A nasty cough has no reared its ugly head and I’m now back to not sleeping at all well during the night. It has been a very frustrating experience overall, especially since I am so infrequently ill. I just want to be health again. It’s been over a month now! I’ve been trying to take it easy, but I am still trying to do some things, because not having a life just sucks. This weekend though, I ended up missing something I really wanted to go to, and that was disappointing. I would be very happy if that didn’t happen again. I’ve spent a lot of time playing World of Warcraft, when it doesn’t give me a headache.

The personal emotional roller coaster of the past few weeks has been intense, but not necessarily a bad experience. It has been an interesting one at the very least! A bit over two weeks ago now, a friend of mine tagged me in a photo of the cutest kitten that was up for adoption at a rescue a couple of hours away in Toronto. I investigated further and learned that he had a brother as well, and the rescue wanted to see them adopted together. Naturally, I fell in love from their photos, being the cat lover that I am. On a whim, I filled out an application to adopt them.

Over a week later, I finally got a message on Facebook asking me to call them, and I promptly returned the call and left a message as there was no answer. I called again around noon the next day and found out they had not chosen me, sadly. Because I live two hours away and it would take time for me to get there, I was declined. But it made sense to me, and I did my best to consider that possibility logically. I was disappointed, but it is what it is. It solidified my plan to adopt a second cat, but I opted to wait a little while – until the spring. In the spring, the shelters seen to have an influx of cats that need adopting, so it seems like a prime time to actively look. Funny enough, early mid last week I found another cat with potential, this time locally. I applied for him and am waiting for a response as of this post. I am hopeful, but I am not getting my hopes up too high. I will hopefully hear back about a phone interview this week sometime.

It’s Sunday night now, and I have a massive headache thanks to this cough, and I didn’t have hot water for the better part of the day. After I finish the cup of tea I have on the go, I am going to take a much-needed shower and then curl up to read for a while before bed. I am hoping that this week will be the end of this cold and cough and I can really start working on getting things back to normal.


It’s Just the Way It Always Happens…

I had these great plans to get out and about in the city this weekend and take photos for my first Weekend Wanders photo project post. Unfortunately I have come down with a nasty cold and it looks like I won’t be going anywhere this weekend after all. The new plan for this weekend is to stay in bed and recover. This always seems to happen to me when I actually want to go out and do something over staying home and relaxing. It’s worse too, because I am finding that even the most minor of colds hit me so hard these days. I don’t remember them being anywhere near this bad even just a couple of years ago. Maybe it’s because I do get sick so infrequently. I don’t know… It just sucks. So much for getting out and about.

I think next weekend will have to be the weekend I start my photo projects. I’m hoping next weekend goes a little more according to plan. I also really hope this cold doesn’t linger.

Stitching When Feeling Under the Weather

Stitching the Night Away Stitching Bloggers Blog Hop

It’s been awhile but the Stitching Bloggers Blog Hop has returned with hop # 15. The prompt is:

Eventually there comes a time when you’re not feeling well, whether it’s the flu or a cold or something else entirely. The question is, do you manage any stitching when you’re under the weather or does it just have to wait for better days?


I find that when I am feeling under the weather whether I stitch or not really depends on how ill I actually am. Generally, if it is just a cold or something similar and I am at home I will curl up with my stitching and one of my movies I save for my sick days and stitch just like any other day or evening.  If it was something more flu-like or with more severe symptoms, I would usually just be plain too exhausted to think about stitching and I likely wouldn’t bother.

I had a weekend recently where I was feeling under the weather and I just stitched the better part of the weekend away (well, Friday and Saturday, anyway). It made me feel better that even though I was sick there was still something I could actually do that wouldn’t tire me out too much or make me feel worse.

I think though I have yet to have a time where I have been too sick  to stitch. Haven’t had any in recent memory anyway. I hope that it doesn’t happen anytime soon!

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