Stitch-It Central – Visiting a Local Needlework Shop

On Saturday, my sister and I took the opportunity to visit a local needlework shop that I had heard was opening in the area around this time. We arrived at the shop to discover that it was actually the grand opening! I could not believe our luck!

They had refreshments available, sweet discounts, and even had four designers available for discussions and just general chatting. I was very impressed. I wish I had been able to get some photos of this place, but it was just too packed full of people which I was very happy to see. It seems there are a lot of stitchers around the area!

They had an amazing selection. This was the first thing I was impressed with. This is the girl who is used to the yarn and needlework section at Michaels and is routinely disappointed by the choices available to me there. I am so glad there is a place like this available to me now! It may not be right in London, but I visit my parents enough that I will definitely be able to make full use of it. The most exciting part about it for me was the PHENOMENAL fabric selection! This is something that had frustrated me the most about Michaels from the very beginning. I like to stitch on something other than 14 count white aida fabric! I did notice though that the floss was a little more expensive, but frankly I am willing to pay a bit more to have more choices.

There is another LNS actually within the city limits here as well. I plan to go eventually, but the hours make it very tricky to get there. I will post about that one soon as well, hopefully!

While I was at Stitch-It Central, I purchased my very first pattern from Lizzie Kate (“I Promise #156) and it will also be the first project that I stitch on a fabric other than aida. I am so glad I found it, and can’t wait to get started on it. I will post about it when I start it, of course!


Adding to the Stitching Stash (Sort of)

As a Valentine’s gift to me, Jay knew exactly what to get me – or help me get anyway. I had mentioned ages ago that I wanted a new stitching hoop or two, or maybe a snap frame to try. I have been using a tired old hoop that actually came in the kit with the very first cross stitch project I ever made. It was time. Being the sweet guy he is, as he had to work that evening, he gave me the money to go pick up my gift myself.

And so I trekked out to Michael’s (about the only craft shop left around here) after work that day (in some terrible weather to boot!) to purchase my gift. I lucked out too, because Michael’s carries a set that includes several different size hoops as well as a snap frame. This girl was very happy! It was a chore getting home after the fact thanks to some really terrible bus timing. It didn’t phase me though as I was too excited to get my new stitching stuffs home!

I’ve been using one of my new hoops on the birth announcement for the last week, and I have tested the snap frame on the vintage colt. Keep an eye out for them in future stitching posts! Stitching feels like it has just gotten a lot easier for me!

An Eventful Week – Including a Finish!

Well, it has definitely been a very busy and very eventful week around here. I am finally getting a breather and a chance to settle down to write about it all.

It all started last Monday. A regular old day at work, but that night was a night to look forward to! Jay took me to see Metric live at Budweiser Gardens. He had bought the tickets for me back in September and I had been looking forward to it ever since. They are one of my favourite bands, and I had tickets about 3 years ago to see them but I had to give those up to travel for work on short notice. This was the first time they have been back in the area since then and I am so glad I didn’t miss it again this time. It was a phenomenal show and definitely a highlight in this past year. I enjoyed every second of it including the openers: Stars. Both are great Canadian bands. If you are looking for great indie rock bands, both Stars and Metric are bands you should be checking out!

This week also included a trip to the dentist (ick) where I found out that my wisdom teeth need to come out, and a hair appointment for a MUCH needed haircut. Would you believe it has been a year since I have had one! It felt amazing having my hair cut back to a manageable length and it was ever better getting my bangs back. I love my hair again!

Throughout this very busy week I was also able to complete a project. Here it is, the finished Green Bay Packers coaster!

Green Bay Packers Coaster
Green Bay Packers Coaster

I am a lot happier with the way it turned out than I initially thought I would be. I still absolutely will not buy Davosa again. So many of the stitches just look wrong. Luckily it’s not overly noticeable except to me, and Jay loves it. I guess that’s the most important part, isn’t it? I also made some minor progress on my snowflake ornament but (go me!) I forgot to take pictures of said progress. I promise I will remember next time! It’s looking great, and aside from the DMC Light Effects being a bit of a pain to work with it is going quite smoothly compared to the coaster. Planning on working on it some more while Jay watches the Grey Cup.

Today I spent the afternoon Christmas shopping. It feels a little early, but for some reason I am feeling a lot more festive this year than I have in past years. Our Christmas tree is up and so are our stockings. We even have our first gift under the tree! I am super excited this year! I can’t wait to share more of what I am stitching and what we are doing through the holidays this year.