I think I need to try harder…

Wow. I am really not delivering on my goal to publish at least twice a month… At least I have an excuse this time, I guess? Sorta?

Most of the month of April involved dealing with some (what I originally though were) minor health concerns: fatigue, lethargy, semi-unusual aches and pains, etc.  They were causing me enough problems to affect my daily life, so I figured I should probably get checked out just in case. What I expected to be a simple, by the books doctor appointment ended with me having to go for testing for several conditions, including but not limited to rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. My doctor even booked my follow up appointment for me before I even left the exam room. This in combination with his urgency that I go get the blood work done as soon as possible, had me freaked right out. I went for my blood work the following morning and settled in to wait the LONG week before my follow up appointment. During that week, after researching (THANKS, ANXIETY), I almost had myself convinced I had lupus! It was good news, however, when I walked into my doctor appointment the following week. As it turns out, I am quite anemic. Who knew an iron deficiency could actually have serious effects on your life! Since then, I have been on some heavy duty iron supplements, and I am finally starting to notice improvements. I don’t think I have ever been so relieved as I was on that day. Knowing that I am dealing with something that can be fixed with a supplement is a huge stress release.

Before the doctor scared the poopers out of me, I actually made some minor upgrades around home. A new dresser, a bookcase replaced, a new vacuum cleaner… things of that nature. It has felt really good to make these changes around my home and update it a bit. I’ll have lived here for two years come July, and it was time for some little changes to be made. I also have plans to build a new headboard for my bed sometime this summer. I think it is going to be amazing. I can’t wait to have things exactly how I want them!

Along with these minor upgrades, the cats received some extra goodies as well. They now finally have a cat tree to climb and play on! Tobi loves it, and I’ve yet to really see Huxley use it, but I am sure he will in time.

Huxley has turned out to be an absolutely wonderful addition to my little family. He and Tobi play so well together, and he has taken to me as his human as I could have only hoped he would. He is very much a part of the family, and I love to my two babies as much as if he was always here. He has started snuggling in bed with my at bedtime each night, and it makes me so happy. As I always seem to be telling him, he is the best decision I have made in the past two years. He is very comfortable here and he knows he is loved.

Tobi went to the vet this month as well, she was overdue for vaccinations and I felt she needed a proper check up as well. We tried a different one this time, a new veterinary clinic that has opened up a short two minute drive from home. They took to her right away, and were impressed with how chill she was. She was given a clean bill of health, aside from her usual issues, and she got her shots as well. The highlight, however, was her weigh in. She weighed in at 6.6 kg, which is approximately 14.5 lbs. This is the lightest she has been since she was about a year old! After several years, she has finally attained a healthy weight. This new vet had absolutely no concerns about her weight because “she is clearly a large cat.” It felt so nice to have someone else understand that there was NO WAY Tobi could possibly weigh 10 lbs and still be considered healthy. We left the appointment that day with Tobi feeling sufficiently traumatized and me feeling completely satisfied with the service we received. It seemed just the news we needed to gear up for Tobi’s 9th birthday this past Tuesday. I bought the kitties a Meowbox to celebrate her birthday this year. It was enjoyed by all.

Tobi: “Is this all for me?!”

I am home from work today, not feeling well at all. I am taking this opportunity to practice a bit of self care, which included some blog activity, because I do miss it when I don’t write for it. It gets some feelings out there, and it helps me feel more social, being an introvert and all. HOPEFULLY I do a better job of staying on top of things in the future.

In the meantime, I will keep on playing World of Warcraft and reading up a storm. Since I finally  finished the train wreck that was The Goldfinch after a year and a half, I have been reading up a storm and it feels great.


So Many Things Can Happen in A Short Time!

It’s been awhile since I wrote anything last. You can thank my computer for that! It has been out of commission for the better part of the past two weeks. However, that issue has been resolved and we can get back to it!

I never much thought about how much can happen over a short span of time. I have now, and oh boy did a lot happen over the last couple of weeks! It’s going to take a little bit (ok, more than a little bit) of writing (and a few photos) to share it all. I guess now is as good a time as any…

1) All the stitches have been pulled on the vintage colt. I am feeling a bit of a sense of relief now and I think I will be ready to start over again very soon. I just hope it turns out better this time!


2) A friend and I went on an outing to Sparta – a small, historic village here in Southwestern Ontario. It caters to tourists these days and is well known for its candles: Sparta Country Candles. There isn’t a single person around here who hasn’t owned at least one! We toured about some antique shops and of course, we bought some candles! I always love getting new candles from Sparta!


3) My tomato plant is basically dead. There was a ridiculous heat wave and I over-watered and it led to waterlogged soil and it was just a big mess. I don’t want to talk about it. Year two of the fail-tomato.

4) I started a new Pixel People pattern from Wee Little Stitches! I love the Pixel People patterns. They are so much fun to stitch! I am excited about this one though for its sheer general awesomeness. It’s going to be a 1st birthday gift for a friend’s little man so I can’t go into much detail as I know she reads my blog!

5) My lettuce has bolted and it looks like my lettuce season is over now. It fared much better than last year so I am happy!

6) My computer came close to death over these last few weeks.  I have a laptop, and I was noticing the trackpad was becoming difficult to use and it started to rock while it was sitting on a flat surface and obviously shouldn’t have been. As it turns out, all of these issues were due to a swollen battery, which as  most people know, can be very dangerous! I had to keep it unplugged and shut down until we were able to attend to it. The battery has now been replaced (as of last night) and I am back in business!

7) Jay officially survived his first full rotation of his (new-ish) fly-in fly-out job up north, and so did I. We are both happy he is home again for awhile.

And lastly (but certainly not least!):

8) I have had some relatives (my aunt, uncle and super adorable little cousin) in the province visiting from out west. It has been great to see them again! I will be sad to see them go as it will likely be a few years before we see them again. Flying in Canada is crazy expensive!

And there you have it: the major occurrences in my life over the past few weeks while I have been away from the blog. This of course DID NOT include my continuing to work my five days each week and taking care of the kitties and home. I have been a very busy (and slightly stressed out) person! I hope to be posting a bit more now that things seem to be coming back to together again (and my computer is safe to use once more).